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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Raakhi symbol of protection;full moon in the Sravan month
2 Raakhi symbol of protection;full moon in the Sravan month
3 Rabia famous; godly
4 Rachana creation
5 Rachita created
6 Rachna "construction, arrangement"
7 Radha "Krishna's lover, prosperity"
8 Radhana speech
9 Radhani worship
10 Radhika Radha
11 Ragini a melody
12 Rajalakshmi Goddess lakshmi
13 Rajani night
14 Rajanigandha a flower
15 Rajata silver
16 Rajdulari dear princess
17 Rajeshwari goddess Parvati
18 Rajhans swan
19 Rajitha illuminated
20 Rajivini collection of blue lotuses
21 Rajkumari princess
22 Rajnandhini princess
23 Rajshri sage-like king
24 Raka full moon
25 Rakhi thread of brother-sister bonding
26 Raksha protection
27 Rama Goddess Lakshmi
28 Ramana enchanting
29 Ramani beautiful girl
30 Rambha celestial dancer
31 Rameshwari Parvati
32 Ramila lover
33 Ramita pleasing
34 Ramya beautiful
35 Rangana a flower
36 Rangitha charmed
37 Ranhitha swift
38 Rani Queen
39 Ranita tinkling
40 Ranjana delightful
41 Ranjika exciting
42 Ranjini pleasing
43 Ranjita adorned
44 Ranvitha joyous
45 Ranya pleasant
46 Rashi collection
47 Rashmi a ray of light
48 Rashmika ray of light
49 Rasika connosseur
50 Rasna the tongue
51 Rathika satisfied
52 Rati consort of cupid
53 Ratna gem
54 Ratnabala jewelled
55 Ratnabali string of pearls
56 Ratnajyouti lustrous jewel
57 Ratnalekha splendour of jewels
58 Ratnali a jewelled
59 Ratnamala string of pearls
60 Ratnangi jewel-bodied
61 Ratnaprabha lustrous jewel
62 Ratnapriya lover of jewels
63 Ratnavali a bunch of gems
64 Raviprabha light of the sun
65 Rehwa ancient name of river Narmada
66 Rekha line
67 Renu atom
68 Renuka "the mother of Parasurma, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu"
69 Resham silk
70 Reshma silken
71 Reshmi silken
72 Reva a star
73 Revati a star
74 Riddhi good fortune
75 Riju innocent
76 Rijuta innocence
77 Rishika saintly
78 Rithika brass
79 Riti memory; well being
80 Ritu season
81 Riya "Graceful, singer"
82 Rohini a star
83 Rolee sindoor
84 Roma Lakshmi
85 Roshan bright
86 Roshni brightness
87 Rubaina bright
88 Ruchi lustre; beauty
89 Ruchira beautiful
90 Ruchitha bright
91 Rudrani a wife of Shiva (Rudra)
92 Rudrapriya Goddess Durga
93 Ruhika desire
94 Rujula "who endows wealth, Lakshmi, soft"
95 Rujuta "honesty, sincerity"
96 Rukma golden
97 Rukmini consort of Lord Krishna
98 Ruksana brilliant
99 Ruma wife a Sugriva
100 Rupa beauty
101 Rupali beautiful
102 Rupashi beautiful
103 Rupashri beautiful
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