Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope



The Year 2022 brings happiness in your life as you start it on positive note. You are likely to dedicate the year 2022 to yourself and your interests. You may nurture your relationships and give time to your loved ones. A changed perspective towards work is likely to keep you ahead of your competitors during the third and fourth quarters of the year 2022. Sticking to your creative side and making time to pursue your hobbies may give you a reason to unwind. You may face a few challenges during the mid part of the year 2022 and there may be some trials and tribulations to go through. However, this is likely to be a temporary phase, which may give you an enriching experience. Students appearing for competitive jobs to get into the government sector for jobs are likely to excel in their respective fields of study. Their grades may begin to rise and their efforts are likely to bear rich fruit. Some of you may have to remain alert about the loopholes in property papers, which may spell doom for you during the mid part of the year 2022.
Year 2022 for Sagittarius Finance
On the financial front, you may have to be extra watchful of your expenses as they may shake your bank account during the mid year. For some, lucrative business offers in a partnership venture may turn out to be quite successful. Huge monetary gains are likely towards the last quarter, securing your future.
Year 2022 for Sagittarius Family
The year 2022 promises to be cheerful and positive on your domestic front. Those with children of marriageable age may receive good news regarding a marriage proposal. You are likely to celebrate some or the other occasion at home all year round, which may keep the homely atmosphere jovial.
Year 2022 for Sagittarius Career
On the professional front, you may be able to impress your bosses with your dedication and efficiency towards the second quarter of the Year 2022. Better career opportunities may come your way in the last half of 2022. Consider them all. Those in a new job may find it a smooth sailing. Your work contacts may help you broaden your professional horizons.
Year 2022 for Sagittarius Health
In the year 2022, your health is likely to remain fine. There may be no major health conditions to trouble you. Avoiding excess of alcohol and junk in your dietary intake may bring a drastic change in your overall wellbeing. Practising yoga asanas and breathing techniques may help you stay fit in the Year 2022.

Year 2022 for Sagittarius Love Life
On the romantic front, those in a long-term relationship are likely to settle down in holy matrimony in the first quarter of the Year 2022. Some miscommunication between you and your significant other may be a cause of concern during the third and fourth months. But overall, the year 2022 is likely to be emotionally and romantically rewarding as you get to spend more time with your partner.

Lucky Number: 7,9
Lucky Colour: Lemon
Lucky Months: March, June & October
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