Aquarius Yearly Horoscope



It’s a mixed bag for Aquarius in the year 2021. You would want to do something different and unique in January and February but would again get back to the conventional ways as the year progresses further. Your interpersonal relationships on the work front improve and you may be offered an opportunity to lead on the professional front. Higher ups are likely to reward you for the efforts put in around August and September. Financial gains hold you in a good stead throughout the year but you would need to concentrate on your savings between May to July. The second quarter of the year may find you too deeply involved emotionally. Watch out what you say and how you react as people around you may be observing you. Those singles are likely to spark up the relationship with someone who shares common interests with you. Those who were going through a rough patch on the marriage front in the previous year are likely to find the relationship improving around May and June. Those newly married may share good news soon. Family appears to be supportive overall except for the period between June and September where a family youngster may not agree with your thoughts and plans. A family vacation or gathering is much indicated in the last quarter that is likely to lift up the good vibes. Stars encourage you to eat well and learn new methods to stay fit.

Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: Magenta
Lucky Months:
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