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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Paavan purifier
2 Pachai "youthful, resourceful"
3 Pachaimani "youthful, resourceful"
4 Pachaimuthu "youthful, resourceful"
5 Padman lotus
6 Padmanabh one with lotus in his navel i.e. Vishnu
7 Padmanabha Lord Vishnu
8 Padmapati Lord Vishnu
9 Palak eyelash
10 Palani Abode of Lord Murugan
11 Palaniappan another name for Lord Murugan
12 Palanikumar another name for Lord Murugan
13 Palanimurugan another name for Lord Murugan
14 Palanisami another name for Lord Murugan
15 Palanivel another name for Lord Murugan
16 Palash a flowering
17 Palashkusum the flower of Palash
18 Palashranjan beautiful like a Palash
19 Pallav young shoots and leaves
20 Panchanan Lord Shiva
21 Pandhari Lord Vithobha
22 Panduranga one with pale white complexion
23 Panini the great scholar-grammarian
24 Pankaj lotus flower
25 Panmoli speaks sweetly
26 Pannalal emerald
27 Parag pollen grains
28 Parakram strength
29 Param the best
30 Paramananda superlative joy
31 Paramartha highest truth
32 Paramesh Lord Shiva
33 Parameshwar Alimightly Lord
34 Paramhansa supreme soul
35 Paramjeet highest success
36 Paranjay Varun; Lord of the Sea
37 Parantapa conqueror; Arjuna
38 Paras touchstone
39 Parashar an ancient
40 Parashuram sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
41 Parasmani touchstone
42 Paravasu name of a sage
43 Parees touch stone
44 Paresh supreme spirit
45 Pari charitable prince
46 Parijat a celestial flower
47 Pariket against desire
48 Parikshit name of an ancient king
49 Parimal fragrance
50 Parin another name for Lord Ganesha
51 Parindra lion
52 Paritosh contentment
53 Parnad a Brahmin in the qpics
54 Partha Arjun
55 Parthapratim like Arjuna
56 Parvatinandan Lord Ganesh
57 Parvesh Lord of celebration
58 Pasupati Lord Shiva
59 Patakin holder of a banner
60 Patanjali famous Yoga philosopher
61 Pathik a traveller
62 Pathin traveller
63 Patralika new leaves
64 Pavak fire
65 Pavalan skilled in literature
66 Pavan wind
67 Pavani Hanuman
68 Pavitra pure
69 Payas water
70 Payod cloud
71 Peeyush nectar
72 Perumal Lord Venkateshwara
73 Phalgun . A month in Hindu Calander
74 Phaninath . lord of serpents
75 Phanindra . king of gods
76 Phanishwar . king of serpents
77 Phenil foamy
78 Phoolendu . full moon
79 Pinak Shiva's bow
80 Pinaki Lord Krishna
81 Pirmohammed rhw holy prophet
82 Pitambar Lord Vishnu
83 Piyush milk
84 Ponnan precious
85 Poojan worship
86 Poojit worshipped
87 Poorna complete
88 Poornachandra full moon
89 Prabal coral
90 Prabhakar sun
91 Prabhas lustrous
92 Prabhat dawn
93 Prabhav effect
94 Prabir "hero, brave one (Praveer)"
95 Prabodh sound advice
96 Prabodhan knowledge
97 Prabuddha awakened
98 Prachetas energy
99 Prachur abundant
100 Pradeep "light, shine"
101 Pradnesh lord of wisdom
102 Pradosh dusk
103 Pradyot lustre
104 Pradyumna cupid
105 Pradyun radiant
106 Praful blooming
107 Prafulla "pleasant, cheerful"
108 Pragun straight; honest
109 Pragun kind
110 Prahlad excess of joy
111 Prajeet victorious
112 Prajesh Lord Brahma
113 Prajin straight; honest
114 Prajit kind
115 Prakash light
116 Prakash, Parkash light
117 Prakat mainfested
118 Prakriti nature
119 Pralay Himalay
120 Pramath horse
121 Pramesh master of accurate knowledge
122 Pramit consciousness
123 Pramod delight
124 Pran life
125 Pranav the sacred syllable Om
126 Pranay romance
127 Pranet leader
128 Pranit Pranit
129 Pranjal simple
130 Pranjivan life
131 Pransukh joy of life
132 Prasad offering to god during pooja
133 Prasanna "cheerful, pleased"
134 Prasata father of Draupad
135 Prasenjit a king in the epics
136 Prasham peace
137 Prashant calm and composed
138 Prashanta calm
139 Prasiddhi "accomplishment, fame"
140 Prasoon flower
141 Prasun blossom
142 Pratap "dignity, majesty"
143 Prateek "symbol, first word in a sentence"
144 Prateep "king, Shantanu's father"
145 Prateet manifested
146 Pratik symbol
147 Pratiti faith; undrstanding
148 Pratosh extreme delight
149 Pratul plenty
150 Praval "fierce, strong"
151 Pravar chief
152 Praveen expert
153 Praver chief
154 Pravir brave
155 Prayag confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati
156 Preetish god of love
157 Prem love
158 Premal full of love
159 Premanand joy of love
160 Premendra lover
161 Pritam lover
162 Prithu "broad, spacious"
163 Prithvi earth
164 Prithvijaj king of the earth
165 Prithviraj king of the earth
166 Priya beloved
167 Priyabrata devoted to pleasing
168 Priyaranjan beloved
169 Pugal "glory, fame"
170 Pugalendhi "glorious, admirable"
171 Pujit worshipped
172 Pukhraj topaz
173 Pulak joy
174 Pulakesh joyous
175 Pulastya an ancient
176 Pulin beautiful
177 Pulish name of a sage
178 Pundalik lotus
179 Pundarik white lotus
180 Puneet pure
181 Punit pure
182 Punyabrata dedicated to the good
183 Punyasloka sacred verse
184 Purandar Lord Indra
185 Puranjay Lord Shiva
186 Purnanada God
187 Purnendu full moon
188 Puru abundant; name of a king
189 Purujit conqueror of city
190 Purumitra friend of city
191 Pururava the founder of Chandra dynasty
192 Purushottam best among men
193 Pushkar lotus; a lake
194 Pushpak mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
195 Puskara "blue lotus, fountain"
196 Pyarelal Lord Krishna
197 Pyaremohan Lord Krishna
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