Capricorn Hindi Monthly Horoscope


January 2022

मौका मिले तो उस इंसान की तलाश जरुर करें जिसके लिए आप महत्वपूर्ण हों और वो भी आपसे ऐसी उम्मीद रखे।समाजिक क्षेत्र से मिलने वाली कोई खुशखबरी आज उत्सव का माहौल बना सकती है। जिस तरह आपका आकर्षण सब पर असर कर रहा है रोमांटिक मिजाज बन सकता है।टूर पर जाने की संभावना बन रही है कोई खूबसूरत जगह देखने का अवसर मिलेगा।आपके द्वारा किए जाने वाले व्यायाम से फिट और मजबूत महसूस करेंगे।आर्थिक स्तर पर चल रही परेशानी दूर हो जाने की उम्मीद है।

Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: लेमन

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good numerologist
basina kanaka malleswara rao
Sir provides very detailed and thorough predictions and has never guided me wrong. Will definitely consult him again in the future.
What sets Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma apart is his humility. He is an extremely good consuler. His communication regarding my points of consultations have been accurate and crisp. I look forward to meeting with him for consultations.
Captain Shivinder S Bakshi
We were blessed to meet Prem Kumar Sharma ji in the year 2003. Since then we are connected. His predictions are accurate and remedies are very effective. Sharma ji is one of the most truly gifted and proficient astrologers, who is very skillful in applying his wise and intuitive talent to the art of astrological interpretation and prediction. His ideas and suggestions are thought provoking and original. He is a blessing from God to help people with his knowledge and wisdom.
Ritu Kumar
I met Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma in the month of November 2011 for the first time though the reference of my aunt. I had some family problems at that time & met him as an astrologer but I found him a very humble, genuine & much more than an astrologer. His guidance & predictions are remarkable. I feel very good when I sit in his office & the way he handles the situation or any problem is beyond my imagination. He tells us small Upayas which not only changes your state of mind but your whole personality. I have got full confidence in him.
Ms. Meera Gupta
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