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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Radhak liberal
2 Radhakanta Lord Krishna
3 Radhakrishna Radha and Lord Krishna
4 Radhatanaya son of Radha
5 Radhavallabh Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha
6 Radheshyam Lord Krishna
7 Radheya Karna
8 Rafat elevation
9 Raghav Lord Rama
10 Raghavendra Lord Rama
11 Raghu the family of Lord Rama
12 Raghunandan Lord Rama
13 Raghunath Lord Rama
14 Raghupati Lord Rama
15 Raghuvir Lord Rama
16 Rahas secret
17 Raheem merciful
18 Rahman merciful
19 Rahul son of Lord Buddha
20 Raivath wealthy
21 Raj king
22 Raja king
23 Rajak illuminating
24 Rajam Goddess Lakshmi
25 Rajan king
26 Rajani night
27 Rajanikant "sun, lord of night"
28 Rajanikanta moon
29 Rajanya kingly
30 Rajarshi, Rajrishi king's sage
31 Rajas mastery; fame; pride
32 Rajat silver
33 Rajatshubhra white as silver
34 Rajdulari dear princess
35 Rajeev blue lotus
36 Rajendra king
37 Rajendrakumar king
38 Rajendramohan king
39 Rajesh god of kings
40 Rajit decorated
41 Rajiv elephant
42 Rajkumar prince
43 Rajyeshwar king
44 Rakesh "lord of the night, sun"
45 Raksha "the moon, protection"
46 Rakshan protector
47 Ram "Lord Rama, pleasing, charming"
48 Ramakanta Lord Vishnu
49 Raman "beloved, pleasing"
50 Ramanuja born after Rama i.e. Lakshman
51 Ramashray Lord Vishnu; protected by Rama
52 Ramavatar reincarnation of Lord Rama
53 Ramchandra Lord Rama
54 Ramesh Lord Vishnu
55 Rameshwar Lord Shiva
56 Ramith loved
57 Ramkishore Lord Rama
58 Ramkrishna "Lord Rama, Krishna"
59 Ramkumar Lord Rama
60 Rammohan Lord Rama
61 Ramnath Lord Rama
62 Ramprasad Lord Rama
63 Rampratap Lord Rama
64 Ramratan Lord Rama
65 Ramswaroop Lord Rama
66 Ranajay victorious
67 Ranajit victorious
68 Randhir brave
69 Rangan a flower
70 Ranganath Lord Vishnu
71 Rangith well couloured
72 Ranjan pleasing
73 Ranjeet victor in wars
74 Ranjit victorious
75 Rasaraj mercury
76 Rasbihari Lord Krishna
77 Rasesh Lord Krishna
78 Rashmil silken
79 Rasik connoisseur
80 Rasul angel
81 Ratan precious stone
82 Ratannabha Lord Vishnu
83 Rathik one who rides a chariot
84 Rathin celestial
85 Ratish cupid
86 Ratnakar "mine of jewels, sea"
87 Ratul sweet
88 Ravi sun
89 Ravikiran sun ray
90 Ravinandan Karna
91 Ravindra sun
92 Ravishu cupid
93 Raza hope
94 Razak devotee
95 Rebanta a son of Surya
96 Rehman merciful
97 Rehmat mercy
98 Riddhiman possessed of good fortune
99 Rijul innocent
100 Ripudaman killer of enemies
101 Rishabh morality
102 Rishi "sage, ray of light"
103 Rishikesh Lord Vishnu
104 Rituparan joyous
105 Rituraj spring
106 Ritvik priest
107 Riyaz practice
108 Rizvan harbinger of good news
109 Rochak tasty
110 Rochan "red lotus, bright"
111 Rohan ascending
112 Rohanlal Lord Krishna
113 Rohit red
114 Rohitasva son of King Harishchandra
115 Ronak embellishment
116 Roshan illumination
117 Ruchir beautiful
118 Rudra Lord Shiva
119 Rujul "simple, honest"
120 Rukma "radiant, sun"
121 Rupak "sign, feature"
122 Rupesh lord of beauty
123 Rupin embodied beauty
124 Rushil charming
125 Rustom warrior
126 Rutajit conquerer of truth
127 Rutujit conquerer of seasons
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