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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Dabeet warrior
2 Daha "Blazing, very bright"
3 Daivya Divine
4 Daiwik By the grace of God
5 Daksha "able, talented"
6 Dakshesh Shiva
7 Dakshi The glorious
8 Dakshina donation to god
9 Dalajit winning over a group
10 Dalapathi leader of a group
11 Dalbhya belonging to wheels
12 Daman one who controls
13 Damian tamer
14 Damodar with a rope around the waist
15 Danuj "born of danu, a danava"
16 Danvir charitable
17 Darpak "Kamdev, god of love"
18 Darpan a mirror
19 Darshan "paying respect, religious text"
20 Daruka deodar tree
21 Dasharath the father of Lord Rama
22 Dasharathi Lord Rama
23 Dasmaya beautiful
24 Dattatreya "a son of Atri, a god"
25 Dayada "son, inheritor"
26 Dayakara compassionate
27 Dayanand one who likes being merciful
28 Dayanidhi treasure house of mercy
29 Dayasagara ocean of compassionate
30 Dayashankar merciful Lord Shiva
31 Debashis benediction of god
32 Debashish pleased by gods
33 Deenabandhu friend of the poor
34 Deep a lamp
35 Deepak "lamp, kindle"
36 Deepan lighting up
37 Deepankar one who lights lamps
38 Deependra lord of light
39 Deependu bright moon
40 Deepesh lord of light
41 Deepit lighted
42 Deeptanshu the sun
43 Deeptendu bright moon
44 Deeptiman lustrous
45 Deeptimoy lustrous
46 Dev "God, king"
47 Dev Kumar son of gods
48 Devabrata a name of Bhisma
49 Devachandra moon among the gods
50 Devadarshan familiar with gods
51 Devadas follower of God
52 Devadatta god given
53 Devadhipa lord of the gods
54 Devadutt gift of god
55 Devadyumna glory of the gods
56 Devajyoti brightness of the Lord
57 Devak divine
58 Devakantha beloved of the gods
59 Devamadana gladdening the gods
60 Devanand joy of god
61 Devang from god
62 Devaraj king of the gods
63 Devarpana offerings to the gods
64 Devarsi sage of the Devas
65 Devarya divine belief
66 Devdas servant of god
67 Devdutta king
68 Devendra king of gods
69 Devesh god of gods
70 Deveshwar Lord Shiva
71 Devilal son of godess
72 Deviprasad gift of godess
73 Devnarayan king
74 Devnath King of gods
75 Devraj king of gods
76 Devya devine power
77 Dhanajit wealth
78 Dhananjay one who wins wealth
79 Dhanesh lord of wealth
80 Dhanraj Lord Kuber
81 Dhansukh wealthy; happy
82 Dhanvant wealthy
83 Dharanidhar Shesh - the cosmic serpent
84 Dharendra king of the earth
85 Dharma law (religious)
86 Dharmachandra moon of dharma
87 Dharmadas one who serves his religion
88 Dharmadev lord of law
89 Dharmaditya son of dharma
90 Dharmanand one who takes pleasure in his religion
91 Dharmendra king of religion
92 Dharmendu light of religion
93 Dharmesh master of religion
94 Dharmpal protector of his religion
95 Dharmveer religious
96 Dhaval fair complexioned
97 Dhavalachandra white moon
98 Dhawal white
99 Dheeman intelligent
100 Dheemant wise; intelligent
101 Dheer gentle
102 Dheeran achiever
103 Dheerendra god of courage
104 Dheivamani blessed gem
105 Dhevan godly
106 Dhevaneyan pious
107 Dhikshit initiated
108 Dhinakar the sun
109 Dhinanta evening
110 Dhipin exciting
111 Dhiraj emperor
112 Dhiren one who is strong
113 Dhirendra lord of the brave
114 Dhritiman patient
115 Dhruv pole star
116 Dhvanya suggested meaning
117 Dhwani sound
118 Dhyana meditation
119 Dhyanesh meditative
120 Digamber nacked
121 Dilawar brave
122 Dilip "a king, ancestor of Rama"
123 Dinanath protector
124 Dinapati the sun
125 Dinar gold coin
126 Dindayal kindto the poor
127 Dinesh "sun, god of the day"
128 Dinkar sun
129 Divakar sun
130 Divyanga divine body
131 Divyendu bright moon
132 Divyesh sun
133 Drupad "a king, father of Draupadi"
134 Dulal dear one
135 DuraiMurugan Lord Murugan
136 Duranjaya a heroic son
137 Durjaya difficult to conquer
138 Dushyanta a king from the epic Mahabharata
139 Dwaipayan the sage Vyasa
140 Dwijaraj king of Brahmins; the moon
141 Dwijendra king of Brahmins; the moon
142 Dwijesh river
143 Dyumani lord Shiva
144 Dyutit illuminated
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