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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Madhavi a creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
2 Madhavilata a flowering creeper
3 Madhu honey
4 Madhubala sweet girl
5 Madhuchhanda pleasing metrical composition
6 Madhuja made of honey
7 Madhuksara one who showers honey
8 Madhula sweet
9 Madhulata sweet creeper
10 Madhulekha beautiful
11 Madhulika honey
12 Madhumalati a flowering creeper
13 Madhumati full of honey
14 Madhumita full of honey
15 Madhunisha pleasant night
16 Madhur sweet
17 Madhura sugar
18 Madhuri sweet girl
19 Madhurima sweetness
20 Madhushri the spring
21 Madira nectar
22 Madirakshi woman with intoxicating eyes
23 Madri wife of pandu
24 Madura a bird
25 Mahadevi Goddess Parvati
26 Mahaganga the great ganga
27 Mahagauri Goddess Durga
28 Mahajabeen beautiful
29 Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
30 Mahamaya Goddess Durga
31 Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati
32 Mahati great
33 Mahi "great earth, heaven and earth conjoined"
34 Mahijuba a hostess
35 Mahika the earth
36 Mahima greatness
37 Mahitha greatness
38 Mahiya happiness
39 Mahua an intoxicating flower
40 Mahubala sweet girl
41 Maina a bird
42 Maithili, Mythili sita
43 Maitra friendly
44 Maitreya the name of a sage
45 Maitreyi a learned woman of the past
46 Maitri friendship
47 Makshi honeybee
48 Mala a garland
49 Malarvili beautiful eyes like a flower
50 Malashree an early evening melody
51 Malati a creeper with fragrant flowers
52 Malavika princess of Malawa
53 Malaya a creeper
54 Malika a garland
55 Malina dark
56 Malini a garland maker
57 Malliga jasmine
58 Mallika jasmine
59 Malti small fragrant flower
60 Mamata affection
61 Manadha giving honour
62 Manaka according to the mind
63 Manal a bird
64 Manali a bird
65 Manana meditation
66 Mananya deserving praises
67 Manasa conceived in the mind
68 Manasi a lady
69 Manasika of mind
70 Manasvi intelligent
71 Manavi wife of Manu
72 Manayi wife of Manu
73 Manda a river
74 Mandakini a river
75 Mandakranta a Sanskrit metrek
76 Mandana cheerful
77 Mandara "large, firm"
78 Mandarmalika a garland of celestial
79 Mandira cymbals; home
80 Manditha adorned
81 Mandra pleasant
82 Mangai cultured lady
83 Mangala auspicious
84 Mangalya "pious, pure"
85 Manideepa a lamp of precious stones
86 Manik gem
87 Manika of jewels
88 Manikuntala one whose hair is like gems
89 Manimala a string of pearls
90 Manimekhala a girdle of gems
91 Manini a lady
92 Manisha "goddess of mind, desire"
93 Manisha, Mohisha intellect
94 Manisi desired by heart
95 Manisila a jeweled stone
96 Manisitha wisdom
97 Manitha honoured
98 Maniya a glass bead
99 Manjari a bunch
100 Manjira ankle-bells
101 Manjistha extremely
102 Manju "snow, dew drops"
103 Manjubala a sweet girl
104 Manjula melodious
105 Manjulika a sweet girl
106 Manjusha a box
107 Manjushri sweet lustre
108 Manjusri Saraswati
109 Manjyot light of the mind
110 Manmayi jealous; Sri Radha
111 Manorama "attractive, beautiful"
112 Manoritha of the mind
113 Manthika thoughtful
114 Manushri Lakshmi
115 Manya worthy of honour
116 Marala swan
117 Marichi name of a star
118 Marisa mother of Daksa
119 Markandeya a devotee to Lord Shiva
120 Marudham from the lush green fields
121 Masilmani "pure, without any blemishes"
122 Matangi Durga
123 Maushmi monsoon wind
124 Mausumi "beauty, monsoon wind"
125 Maya illusion
126 Mayil "full of grace, like a peacock"
127 Mayukhi peahen
128 Mayura illusion
129 Mayuri peahen
130 Mayurika with peacock feathers
131 Medha intellect; Goddess Saraswati
132 Medhani of intelligence
133 Medhya "mighty, clean, fresh"
134 Medini the earth
135 Meena precious blue stone
136 Meenakshi a woman wil beautiful eyes
137 Meera a devotee of Krishna
138 Megha cloud
139 Meghamala array of clouds
140 Meghana cloud
141 Mehal cloud
142 Mehbooba beloved
143 Meher benevolence
144 Mehrunissa benevolent
145 Mehul cloud; rain
146 Mekhala girdle
147 Mena wife of the Himalayas
148 Menaka a celestial dancer
149 Menitha wise
150 Menmoli speaks kindly
151 Mihika "mist, fog"
152 Milana union
153 Milika desiring union
154 Minakshi "fish eyed, daughter of Kubera"
155 Minal a precious stone
156 Minati prayer
157 Minnoli brilliant like lightning
158 Mirium wished-for child
159 Mita a friend
160 Mitali friendship
161 Mithi truthful
162 Mithra friend
163 Mohana attractive
164 Mohini enchantress
165 Mohitha infatuated
166 Moksha salvation
167 Monica Advisor
168 Monisha Lord Krishna
169 Mridula soft
170 Mriganayani doe-eyed
171 Mrinal lotus
172 Mrinali lotus
173 Mrinalini lotus
174 Mrinmayi of the earth
175 Mrudani another name for parvathi
176 Mrudu soft
177 Mudra expression
178 Mudrika ring
179 Mugdha spellbound
180 Mukta liberated; pearl
181 Mukti freedom from life and death
182 Mukul bud
183 Mullai flower with lovely fragrance
184 Muniya name of a bird
185 Muskan smile
186 Muthammal "pure, like a pearl"
187 Mutholi shines like a pearl
188 Muthunagai smiles like a pearl
189 Mythily Seeta
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