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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Kabir famous sufi saint
2 Kailas abode of Lord Shiva
3 Kailash "name of a Himalayan peak, abode of Shiva"
4 Kailashchandra Lord Shiva
5 Kailashnath Lord Shiva
6 Kalapriya lover of art
7 Kalash sacred pot
8 Kalicharan devotee of Goddess Kali
9 Kalidas "the poet, dramatist; slave of godess Kali"
10 Kalimohan a devotee of Goddess Kali
11 Kalipada a devotee of Goddess Kali
12 Kaliranjan devotee of Goddess Kali
13 Kalith understood
14 Kalpa "able, fit"
15 Kalya pleasant
16 Kalyan welfare
17 Kamadev god of love
18 Kamal lotus flower
19 Kamalakar Lord Vishnu
20 Kamalapati Lord Vishnu
21 Kamalesh lord of Kamala
22 Kamalnayan lotus eyed
23 Kaman desired
24 Kamat unrestrained
25 Kamik desired
26 Kamlesh god of lotus
27 Kamod a raga
28 Kamraj cupid
29 Kamran success
30 Kamukh passionate
31 Kanad an ancient
32 Kanak gold
33 Kanal shining
34 Kanan forest
35 Kanchan gold
36 Kandan cloud
37 Kandarpa Cupid
38 Kanha Krishna
39 Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
40 Kanhaiyalal Lord Krishna
41 Kanishka name of a king
42 Kanishta youngest
43 Kantilal lustrous
44 Kantimoy Kantimoy
45 Kanu Lord Krishna
46 Kanvar young prince
47 Kanwal lotus
48 Kanwaljeet lotus
49 Kanwalkishore lotus; Lord krishna
50 Kapil name of a sage
51 Kapish Lord Hanuman
52 Karan "Karna, the firstborn of Kunti"
53 Kareem kind
54 Karna the firstborn of Kunti
55 Karnik judge
56 Kartar master
57 Kartik name of one of the months
58 Kartikeya god of war
59 Karun compassionate
60 Karunakar merciful
61 Karunamay full of light
62 Karunashankar merciful
63 Kashif connoisseur
64 Kashinath Lord Shiva
65 Kashiprasad blessed by Lord Shiva
66 Kashyap name of a sage
67 Kathith well recited
68 Kaunteya son of Kunti
69 Kausar lake of paradise
70 Kaushal "clever, skilled"
71 Kaushik sentiment of love
72 Kaustav a legendary gem; a gem worn by Lord Vishnu
73 Kaustubh a jewel of Lord Vishnu
74 Kavan "water, poem"
75 Kavi "a wise man, poet"
76 Kaviraj doctor
77 Kedar a raga
78 Kedarnath Lord Shiva
79 Keshav Lord Vishnu
80 Ketan home; banner
81 Kevalkishore absolute
82 Kevalkumar absolute
83 Keyur armlet
84 Khadim servant of God
85 Khajit Lord Buddha
86 Khalid immortal
87 Khazana treasure
88 Khemchand welfare
89 Khemprakash welfare
90 Khushal perfect
91 Kinshuk a flower
92 Kiran ray of light
93 Kiranmay full of light
94 Kirik sparkling
95 Kirit a crown
96 Kirtikumar famous
97 Kishore young
98 Kishorekumar young
99 Kotijit conquering millions
100 Kovida wise
101 Kriday Lord Krishna
102 Kripal merciful
103 Krishanu fire
104 Krishna Lord Krishna
105 Krishnachandra Lord Krishna
106 Krishnadeva Lord Krishna
107 Krishnakanta Lord Krishna
108 Krishnakumar Lord Kirshna
109 Krishnala Lord Krishna
110 Krishnamurari Lord Krishna
111 Krishnamurthy Lord Krishna
112 Krishnaroop dark
113 Krishnendu Lord Krishna
114 Kshaunish king
115 Kuber god of wealth
116 Kuberchand god of wealth
117 Kularanjan star of family
118 Kulbhushan ornament of family
119 Kuldeep light of family
120 Kulik well born
121 Kumar prince
122 Kunal son of emperor Ashok
123 Kundan pure
124 Kundanlal golden
125 Kundir strong
126 Kunja grove of trees
127 Kunjabihari Lord Krishna
128 Kush son of Lord Rama
129 Kushal clever
130 Kusumakar spring
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