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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Padma Goddess Lakshmi
2 Padmaja "born from lotus, Lakshmi"
3 Padmajai "Born from lotus, Lakshmi"
4 Padmakali lotus bud
5 Padmal lotus
6 Padmalaya lake of lotuses
7 Padmalochana lotuseyed
8 Padmaroopa like a lotus
9 Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi
10 Padmini lotus
11 Pakhi bird
12 Pakshi bird
13 Pallavi new leaves
14 Pallavini with new leaves
15 Panchali Draupadi's name
16 Pankaja lotus
17 Panna emerald
18 Panya "admired, glorious, excellent"
19 Parama the best
20 Parameshwari Goddess Durga
21 Paramita wisdom
22 Pari "beauty, fairy"
23 Paridhi realm
24 Parinita expert
25 Parnal leafy
26 Parnashri leafy beauty
27 Parni leafy
28 Parnik creeper
29 Parnika "a small leaf, parvati"
30 Parthivi Sita
31 Parul name of a flower
32 Parvani full moon; a festival or a special day
33 Parvati Durga
34 Parveen star
35 Patmanjari a raga
36 Patralekha a name from ancient epics
37 Pavana "holy, sacred"
38 Pavani Hanuman
39 Payal anklet
40 Payoja lotus
41 Phiroza turquoise
42 Phoolan flower
43 Pia beloved
44 Piki cuckoo
45 Pingala Lakshmi
46 Pival a tree
47 Piyali a tree
48 Pooja idol worship
49 Poonam full moon
50 Poorbi eastern
51 Poornima full moon
52 Poorvi a classical melody
53 Poushali of the month Poush
54 Prabha "light, glow, shine"
55 Prabhati of the morning
56 Prachi east
57 Pradeepta glowing
58 Pradnaya Knowledge
59 Pragati progress
60 Pragya prowess
61 Pragyaparamita wise
62 Pragyawati a wise woman
63 Prama knowledge of truth
64 Pramada woman
65 Pramila one of Arjuna's wives
66 Pramiti knowledge of truth
67 Pranati prayer
68 Prapti gain
69 Prarthana prayer
70 Prasana rising
71 Prashansa praise
72 Prashanti peace
73 Prathysha "early morning, from Sanskrit word Prathyusham"
74 Pratibha keen intellect
75 Pratigya "pledge, vow"
76 Pratima "icon, idol, statue"
77 Pratishtha preeminence
78 Preeti love
79 Prem love
80 Prema love
81 Premala loving
82 Premila queen of a women's kingdom
83 Prerana encouragement
84 Preyasi beloved
85 Prita dear one
86 Pritha "Kunti, mother of Pandavas"
87 Priti love
88 Pritika dear one
89 Pritikana an atom of love
90 Pritilata a creeper of love
91 Priya "loved one, darling"
92 Priyadarshini delightful to look at
93 Priyal beloved
94 Priyam beloved
95 Priyamvada sweet spoken
96 Priyanka "beautiful or lovable act, symbol or body"
97 Priyasha dear one
98 Puja same as Pooja
99 Pujita worshipped
100 Puloma wife of the sage Bhrigu
101 Punam, Poonam full moon
102 Punarnava a star
103 Punita pure
104 Punthali a doll
105 Purnima full moon
106 Purva east
107 Purvaja elder sister
108 Pushpa flower
109 Pushpanjali flower offering
110 Pushpita decorated with flowers
111 Pusti "nourishment, endorsement"
112 Putul doll
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Teena Verma
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Priyanka Khandelwal
I met Dr. Sharma for the first time in 2003. I didn’t open up much but it was amazing to see how he could just expose everything about my life. His knowledge is deeper than an ocean and higher than the sky. His way of expressing is marvelous. He is blessed with a special spiritual power. I meet him on every visit to India and feel like meeting a best advisor, path viewer and a Guru.
Navdeep Singh Bhatia
We have been regularly consulting Dr Sharma for the last 3-4 years through the various ups-downs of our life.While one cannot change the destiny ; the advice definitely helps in understanding the phases of your life - whether it will be a difficult or will it be a good phase. It prepares you,it calms you, it helps you focus on things in a positive manner. My best wishes to others who may consult Dr Sharma.
Jyotsna Maithani
I always read Prem Kumar's horoscope in News India Times, New York. In the beginning I used to read for entertainment purpose, but I realized that some of the predictions are related to me.
Rajendra Bansal
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