Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

  • Aquarius and Aries

    Aquarius and Aries

    The relationship with Aries is highly challenging. There will be lot of excitement and passion in this relationship. It will be of highly sensuous and sexual. They deeply believe in romancing every single moment of their life. They are highly social and their social attachment with various groups keeps their relationship alive. They strongly believe in respecting each other and giving them their own space. They get into love very fast and stay it with for a long time. They keep up the pleasure in both sex and love life. Aries provide good emotional support to Aquarius.

    The compatibility rate between them is 4/5.

  • Aquarius and Taurus

    Aquarius and Taurus

    There exists a strong and good friendship between them. They learn and complement each other. They think and act similarly. These lead to very strong rapport among them. Taurus put up a strong attraction to Aquarius and they make them fall easily. They stand together strong in both good and bad times. There may be either short term or long term relationship between them. They fall for each other without thinking about its consequences. Their relationship will be taken seriously by Taurus. Though they may continue their love, they stay as good friends. They fall in love and then learn about each other. If their relationship stands for long time, then it may end up in marriage and family.

    Their compatibility rate is 3/5.

  • Aquarius and Gemini

    Aquarius and Gemini

    They make great physical relationship. Their relationship will be highly sensual and help to flourish their love. Even after establishing a strong relationship, they tend to remain mysterious and thereby generate great curiosity in their partner. Aquarius is more attracted towards Gemini only on physical basis. At the same time, they need to be highly cautious as there is a chance for them to feel trapped at some time. Gemini may not be very serious about this relationship and May broke out after some time. They should be very clear about their departure in order to avoid pain in their life. Once they understand their partner, they will have a pleasurable and most successful partnership for some time.

    Their compatibility rate is 4/5.

  • Aquarius and Cancer

    Aquarius and Cancer

    Cancer is quite serious about their partners. So they take their own time to decide. Aquarius is very social in nature and there is an increased possibility for them to meet each other casually and make relationship later on. They make their sexual life as per their expectation and may even get married. Aquarius enjoys their time with Cancer as they share their feelings in a secure way. They life will be filled with surprises and excitement. Their relationship last longer if they get their expectation from their partner. They both love their time spend with their partner. There exists a peaceful and successful relationship if they learn to come over their ego and emotional clashes.

    Their compatibility rate is 2/5.

  • Aquarius and Leo

    Aquarius and Leo

    Their passion towards their relationship may be quite exciting and even long lasting. They love to have a better sexual life and show interest in making new friends. Their outgoing and social nature will help them to keep their time memorable and interesting. They spend their spare time in attending various events and parties. They trust their partner and share emotions very freely. The life of Aquarius was made quite easy by Leo and they expect the same vice versa. The life of Leo will remain peaceful and happy because of Aquarius.

    Their compatibility rate is 3/5.

  • Aquarius and Virgo

    Aquarius and Virgo

    There exists an exciting and challenging relationship. They will have lot of surprising events to cherish. Their sexual life will flourish because of their true love. They are very social and tend to develop a strong and exciting relationship with their time spent with friends. Virgo will captivate Aquarius feelings and may ultimately end in marriage. They fall for their partner quickly and easily. Virgo behaves different from the expectations of Aquarius and may put them in surprise. There exists a memorable relationship because of their trust and loyalty.

    Their compatibility rate is 3/5.

  • Aquarius and Libra

    Aquarius and Libra

    The perfect pair for Libra is Aquarius on the basis of love. Libra appears to be charming and interesting to Aquarius. Their sexual relationship will remain pleasurable. They become strongly interdependent over long time. They possess a strong belief that they are made for each other and keep their relationship alive. They have great time ahead with their moral boost from togetherness.

    Their compatibility rate is 4/5.

  • Aquarius and Scorpio

    Aquarius and Scorpio

    Their relationship kicks start very fast. Their relationship starts friendly and end up sexually. Their every single meeting will be completely exciting. They have memorable moment together which in turn help them to decide their future. They like to have their own space to take decision. Their stubborn character may result in ego clashes quite frequently. Their relationship stays strong with either of them surrendering themselves to their partner. Their sexual and love life will remain fascinating. Aquarius will lead a fullest life with complete care and love towards Scorpio.

    Their compatibility rate is 2/5.

  • Aquarius and Sagittarius

    Aquarius and Sagittarius

    They remain friends initially and later on fell in love. They remain in same platform of maturity and talent. There remain lots of excitements in their relationship as they enjoy the company of their partner. The live an interesting life with many parties and outing. They both need their own independence and give the same to their partners. If the independence lack in their relationship, they may break out each other. They share sizzling and sensuous sexual relationship. They fall for each other very son and may end up in marriage. It is good for them to get married and establish their own family.

    Their compatibility rate is 3/5.

  • Aquarius and Capricron

    Aquarius and Capricron

    There exists a good chemistry in their relationship. Capricorn will prove to be highly romantic to Aquarius and thereby lead to strong relationship. They share their bad and good times together. Their in- depth relationship will result in sexual relationship very soon. Capricorn will give great importance to their relationship whereas Aquarius needs their own time. They can share their secrets and develop deep understanding among themselves.

    Their compatibility rate is 2/5.

  • Aquarius and Aquarius

    Aquarius and Aquarius

    There exists a parallel relationship. Both remain independent and creative in their nature. There exists a revolutionary relationship as they display a very good partnership. Their sizzling physical relationship remains quite interesting. They deep attraction towards each other will help them to overcome ego clashes.

    Their compatibility rate is 2/5.

  • Aquarius and Pisces

    Aquarius and Pisces

    They remain good friends share good relationship. There exists emotional security in their relationship. They love spending time together. They give mutual respect to their partner likes and feelings. They enter into deep partnership in less time. They enjoy and have pleasure in every moment of their sexual life. They share common platform of care, understanding and love. They don’t take any chance to hamper their partnership as they don’t believe others. There exists mutual trust in their relationship. There comes a successful life if they stay and act together.

    Their compatibility rate is 3/5.

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