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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Badal cloud; rain
2 Badri Lord Vishnu
3 Badrinath Lord of Mt.Badri
4 Badriprasad goft of Badri
5 Bahubali a Jain Tirthakar
6 Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya
7 Bahumanya honoured by many
8 Bahurai with great riches
9 Bajrang a name of Lord Hanuman
10 Bakhtawar one who brings good luck
11 Balaaditya young sun
12 Balachandra young?moon
13 Balachandrav the crescent moon
14 Baladhi deep insight
15 Baladhitya the newly risen sun
16 Balagovind baby Krishna
17 Balaji a name of Vishnu
18 Balakrishna young krishna
19 Balakumar youthful
20 Balamani young jewel
21 Balamohan one who is attractive
22 Balamurugan young lord murugan
23 Balan youthful
24 Balanath lord of strength
25 Balaraj strong
26 Balaram the brother of Lord Krishna
27 Balaravi the morning sun
28 Balbir strong
29 Baldev godlike in power
30 Balgopal baby krishna
31 Balram Krishna's brother
32 Balvindra, Balvinder strong
33 Balwant strong
34 Banbihari Lord Krishna
35 Bandhu friend
36 Bandhul pleasing
37 Bankebihari Lord Krishna
38 Bankim curved
39 Bankimchandra crescent moon
40 Bansi flute
41 Bansilal Lord Krishna; the first lord; Lord Vishnu
42 Barid cloud
43 Baridbaran colour of the cloud
44 Barindra the ocean
45 Barun Lord of the Sea
46 Basanta spring
47 Basavaraj lord of bulls
48 Basistha a sage
49 Basudha earth
50 Bhadrak handsome
51 Bhadraksh one with beautiful eyes
52 Bhadrang beautiful body
53 Bhadranidhi treasure of goodness
54 Bhagaditya the sun which bestows wealth
55 Bhagat devotee
56 Bhagirat with glorious chariot
57 Bhagirath one who brought Ganga on earth
58 Bhagwant fortunate
59 Bhagyanandana controller of destiny
60 Bhairav Lord Shiva
61 Bhajan adoration
62 Bhanu sun
63 Bhanudas a devotee of the sun
64 Bhanuprasad gift of sun
65 Bharadwaj a lucky bird
66 Bharat "India, universal monarch"
67 Bhargava Lord Shiva
68 Bhargyaraj lord of luck
69 Bhaskar sun
70 Bhaumik attached to the earth
71 Bhavamanyu creator of universe
72 Bhavesh lord of the world
73 Bhim fearful
74 Bhishma one who has taken a terrible vow
75 Bhojaraja lord of generosity
76 Bhooshan decoration
77 Bhooshit decorated
78 Bhudev lord of the earth
79 Bhumi earth
80 Bhupathi lord of the earth
81 Bhupen king
82 Bhupendra king of kings
83 Bhushan ornament
84 Bhuvan "palace, one of the three worlds"
85 Bhuvanesh lord of the worlds
86 Bibek conscience
87 Bibhas a raga
88 Bibhavasu the sun; fire
89 Bijal lightning
90 Bikram prowess
91 Bilva a sacred leaf
92 Bimal pure
93 Bindusar an excellent pearl
94 Bipin forest (Vipin)
95 Birbal brave heart
96 Bitasok one who does not mourn
97 Bodhan kindling
98 Boudhayan the name of a sage
99 Brahmabrata ascetic
100 Brahmadutt dedicated to Lord Brahma
101 Bratindra devoted to right deeds
102 Brijesh god of the land of Brij
103 Brijmohan Krishna
104 Buddhadev wise person
105 Buddhadeva Gautama Buddha
106 Budhil learned
107 Bukka "heart, loving, sincere"
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