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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Nabarun morning sun
2 Nabendu new moon
3 Nabhanyu eternal
4 Nabhas sky
5 Nabhi focus; the best
6 Nabhith fearless
7 Nabhya central
8 Nachiketa "an ancient rishi, fire"
9 Nadal fortunate
10 Nadin lord of rivers
11 Nadir pinnacle
12 Nagarin lord of a town
13 Nagarjun best among the snakes
14 Nagendra Seshnag
15 Nagesh "Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent"
16 Nahusha a mythological king
17 Nairit south-west
18 Naishadh "King Nala, a hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha"
19 Nakshatra star
20 Nakul name of one of the Pandavas
21 Nalin "lotus, water"
22 Nalinaksha lotus-eyed
23 Naman salutation
24 Namasyu bowing
25 Nambi self confident
26 Namdev "poet, saint"
27 Nanak guru fo the Sikhs
28 Nand joyful
29 Nanda "meritorious, great achiever"
30 Nandakishor wiz kid
31 Nandan "pleasing, son"
32 Nandi one who pleases others
33 Nandin "son, delightful"
34 Naotau new
35 Narahari Lord Vishnu
36 Narasimha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
37 Narayan Lord Vishnu
38 Narayana "Vishnu, refuge of man"
39 Narendra king of men
40 Naresh lord of man
41 Narhari man-lion
42 Narinder the King
43 Narmad bringing delight
44 Narottam best among men
45 Narsimha lion among men
46 Nartan dance
47 Narun leader of men
48 Natesh king
49 Nathan controller
50 Nathin protected
51 Natraj king among actors
52 Natwar Lord Krishna
53 Naval wonder
54 Navalan orator
55 Navaneet butter
56 Naveen new
57 Navin new
58 Navnit fresh butter
59 Navrang beautiful
60 Navroz a Parsee festival
61 Nayan eye
62 Nayath leading
63 Nedumaan prince
64 Nedumaran tall and handsome
65 Neel blue
66 Neeladri the Nilgiris
67 Neelam emerald
68 Neelambar blue sky
69 Neelanjan blue
70 Neelesh Lord Krishna; moon
71 Neelkanta Lord Shiva
72 Neelkanth "peacock, Shiva"
73 Neelmadhav Lord Jagannath
74 Neelmani sapphire
75 Neelotpal blue lotus
76 Neeraf river
77 Neeraj lotus
78 Nibodh knowledge
79 Nidhish lord of treasure
80 Nigam treasure
81 Nihal gratified
82 Nihar "mist, fog, dew"
83 Niket home
84 Nikhat fragrance
85 Nikhil "complete, whole"
86 Nikhilesh lord of all
87 Nikunj a bower
88 Nikunja grove of trees
89 Nilay heaven
90 Nilesh "Krishna, blue god"
91 Nimai Chaitanya
92 Nimish spilt-second
93 Ninad "sound, gentle sound of water"
94 Nipun expert
95 Nirad given by water
96 Niraj lotus flower
97 Nirajit illuminated
98 Niral unique
99 Niramay without blemish
100 Niramitra son of pandava Sahadeva
101 Niranjan simple
102 Nirav without sound
103 Nirbhay fearless
104 Nirijhar waterful
105 Nirmal "clean, pure"
106 Nirmalya pure
107 Nirmanyu free of anger
108 Nirmit created
109 Nirmohi unattached
110 Nirupam without comparison
111 Nirvan liberation
112 Nischal calm
113 Nischith fixed
114 Nishad seventh note on Indian musical scale
115 Nishanath moon
116 Nishant dawn
117 Nishesh entire
118 Nishikanta the moon
119 Nishit midnight
120 Nishita sharp
121 Nishith night
122 Nishkama selfless
123 Nishok happy
124 Nissim unbounded
125 Niteesh "god of law, one well versed in law"
126 Nithik master of justice
127 Nithilan brilliant like a pearl
128 Nitin master of the right path
129 Nitish master of the right path
130 Nityagopal constant
131 Nityanand perennially happy
132 Nityananda Lord Krishna; always happy
133 Nityasundar ever good-looking
134 Nivrutti separation from world
135 Niyath behaviour
136 Nripa king
137 Nripendra king of kings
138 Nripesh king of kings
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