Gemini Yearly Horoscope



Gemini can look forward to a fruitful year. There will be no more issues with your work, and luck will shine on you. Some of you may take up additional responsibilities. Romance and love can blossom this year. The level of enthusiasm and mutual comprehension among loved ones will remain high. In spite of a shaky start to the year, health is likely to improve significantly towards the second quarter and beyond. You must stay energetic and include exercise in your daily routine to enjoy the perks of a healthy body. Legal settlements involving inheritance disputes may also reach amicable resolutions. Purchasing real estate is an option if you're interested in doing so. This year, the business will require frequent travel abroad and will prove to be favourable as well. The students may continue to do well on all of their exams and have a productive academic year. The last three months of the year may be marked by gains, windfalls, and fantastic opportunities to stash away cash.

Lucky Number: 6, 8
Lucky Colour: Blue, Grey, Silver
Lucky Months: Feb, Aug, Nov
Lucky Days:


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