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April 05


April 05:

Influenced by number 5 and the planet Mercury. You are active, smart, confident, original, and highly independent individual. You are loved by your friends and your parents take enormous pride in you, but you need to check your tendency to behave moody, introvert and restless at times.


This year your stars promise you plenty of fame and fortune. Your sincerity towards your work and your office would ultimately bring you enormous benefits in the long run. New sources of income will improve your financial position. Matrimonial alliances for those eligible as other would find romance to get them going. Journeys undertaken will bring you in close contacts with important and influential people.  Acquisition of some real estate later in the year cannot be ruled out.  Lending and borrowing money should be avoided to the casual acquaintances. Health wise this year would not be satisfying as minor ailments would keep on bothering you now and them.   It would be wise not to avoid preventive medication and seek a doctor’s advice whenever necessary. The months of October, December and February will be significant and result oriented.

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good experience
Teena Verma
I met Dr Prem Kumar Sharma 20 years ago. One thing I would say believe in him things will work and his predictions are accurate and remedies effective. Ja Mata di
I always read Prem Kumar's horoscope in News India Times, New York. In the beginning I used to read for entertainment purpose, but I realized that some of the predictions are related to me.
Rajendra Bansal
Have been consulting him for 10 years. Excellent.
Very accurate and great remedies
Rashi Setia
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