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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Kaandhal attractive
2 Kadambari Goddess
3 Kadambini an array of clouds
4 Kadhiroli "Intelligent, brilliant like a ray of sunlight"
5 Kahini young
6 Kaishori Goddess Parvati
7 Kajal eyeliner
8 Kajjali kohl
9 Kajri cloud like
10 Kakali chiping of birds
11 Kala art
12 Kalaimagal queen of arts
13 Kalaka blue
14 Kalandhika bestower of art
15 Kalanidhi treasure of art
16 Kalavati artistic
17 Kali a bud; Parvati
18 Kalika a bud
19 Kalindi Yamuna river
20 Kallol large waves; gurgling of water
21 Kalpana "idea, imagination, fancy"
22 Kalpini night
23 Kalpita imagined
24 Kalya praise
25 Kalyani auspicious
26 Kamadha granting desires
27 Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati; one with loving eyes
28 Kamala Goddess
29 Kamalakshi one whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses
30 Kamali full of desires
31 Kamalika Lakshmi
32 Kamalini lotus
33 Kamalkali the bud of a lotus
34 Kamana desire
35 Kamika desired
36 Kamini a handsome woman
37 Kamitha desired
38 Kamna desire
39 Kampana unsteady
40 Kamya beautiful
41 Kana an atom
42 Kanak, Kanaka gold
43 Kanaka gold
44 Kanakabati a fairy-tale
45 Kanaklata golden creeper
46 Kanakpriya lover of gold
47 Kanan a garden; forest
48 Kananbala nympth of the forest
49 Kanchan gold
50 Kanchana gold
51 Kanchi a waistband
52 Kandhara lute
53 Kangana a bracelet
54 Kanika an atom
55 Kanimoli speaks with a gentle tone
56 Kanitha iris of the eye
57 Kanjari a bird
58 Kankana a bracelet
59 Kanmani precious like an eye
60 Kanta a beautiful
61 Kanti lustre
62 Kanya daughter
63 Kanyana maiden
64 Kapalini another name for Durga
65 Kapardini a goddess
66 Kapila name of the celestial cow
67 Kapotakshi eyes like a pigeon's
68 Karabi a flower
69 Karishma miracle
70 Karuka heavenly piece of art
71 Karuna compassion; mercy
72 Karunamayi merciful
73 Karunya merciful
74 Kashi "Varanasi, the holy city"
75 Kashmira from Kashmir
76 Kasturi musk
77 Katyayani Goddess Parvati
78 Kaumudi moonlight
79 Kaushalya mother of Rama
80 Kaushika silk
81 Kavana poem
82 Kaveri a river
83 Kavika poetess
84 Kavini composes beautiful poems
85 Kavita a poem
86 Kavya poetry in motion
87 Kayalvili fishlike bautiful eyes
88 Keertana "hymn, a song in praise of god"
89 Kesar "pollen, lion"
90 Kesari saffron; a lion
91 Keshi a woman with beautiful hair
92 Keshika a woman with beautiful hair
93 Keshini a woman with beautiful hair
94 Ketaki a cream coloured flower
95 Ketana home
96 Keya a monsoon flower
97 Khyati fame
98 Kilimoli pleasing voice
99 Kimaya divine
100 Kiran ray of light
101 Kiranmala a garland of light
102 Kirtana praise
103 Kirti fame
104 Kishori a young girl
105 Kiya the cooing of a bird
106 Kokila "cuckoo, nightingale"
107 Komal tender
108 Komala delicate
109 Koyel the cuckoo
110 Krandasi the sky and the earth
111 Kranti revolution
112 Kripa mercy
113 Krishna Draupadi
114 Krishnaa Draupadi
115 Krishnakali a flower
116 Krithi action
117 Krithya action
118 Kriti A work of art
119 Krittika the plaids
120 Kriya performance
121 Krupa "grace, favour"
122 Ksema "safety, security, welfare, tranquility"
123 Kshama forgiveness
124 Kshanika momentary
125 Kshithi earth
126 Kumari "youthful, unmarried"
127 Kumkum vermilion
128 Kumud a lotus
129 Kumudini a lotus
130 Kunda "musk, jasmine"
131 Kundan pure
132 Kundanika golden girl
133 Kundini an assemblage of Jasmines
134 Kunjal "cuckoo, nightingale"
135 Kunjalata forest creeper
136 Kunjana forest girl
137 Kuntal hair
138 Kuntala a woman with luxurious hair
139 Kunti the mother of the Pandavas
140 Kurangi deer
141 Kurinji "special, flower which blooms once in twelve years"
142 Kushala "safe, happy, expert"
143 Kusum a flower
144 Kusuma flower
145 Kusumanjali flower offering
146 Kusumavati flowering
147 Kusumita blossomed
148 Kusumlata flowering creeper
149 Kuvalai flower
150 Kuyil sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird
151 Kuyilsai sweet voice like a Cuckoo bird
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