Scorpio Hindi Monthly Horoscope


March 2023

इस माह किसी भी तरह के वाद विवाद में पड़ना आपके लिए ठीक नहीं होगा,इससे बचकर रहें। किसी के प्रेम प्रस्ताव को अस्वीकार करना आपके लिए आसान नहीं है,अवसर को हाथ से जाने न दें।इस माह छोटा सा अवकाश लेकर कहीं घूमने जाने की संभावना है।समाजिक स्तर पर मिली छोटी सी सफलता आपके लिए बड़े मायने रखती है,उत्साहित रहेंगे।प्रोफेशनल स्तर पर अपने शानदार प्रदर्शन से बॉस को प्रभावित कर सकते हैं।

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: कॉफी

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We r in touch with dr Sharma from almost 10 years now. I have gone through a very rough phase few years back but I want to say that with Sharma uncle’s support I sailed smoothly through difficult times. Meenu Didi is also very supportive, n always been so accommodating regarding the appointments required. Thank u so much for helping us in our difficult times.
Preeti Chauhan
We have been meeting Dr. Sharma over the past many years for personal consultations. He has played a father figure's role in guiding us through some very difficult times.Almost all of his predictions have been very accurate. Apart from having a very good command over astrology , he is a very good listener and let's you share your issue in its entirety before sharing his opinion.This ensures that much of the stress is reduced . His remedies are very simple and his advice is very reassuring . You leave the consultation on a very high and positive note. He has been a source of positivity and an advisor during tough times.
Manoj Maithani
Have been consulting him for 10 years. Excellent.
The result of great relentless efforts of Dr. Prem kumar Sharma and his Team bringing smile to the face of people. I now believe in the fact that Astrology is entirely based on scientific principles. Mathematics side of the astrology is completely true, as life guide.
Mohit Chauhan
good experience
Teena Verma
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