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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Madan "Cupid, god of love"
2 Madangopal Lord Krishna
3 Madhav sweet like honey
4 Madhavdas servant of Lord Krishna
5 Madhu "honey, nectar"
6 Madhuk a honeybee
7 Madhukanta the moon
8 Madhukar "honey bee, lover"
9 Madhumay consisting of honey
10 Madhup a honeybee
11 Madhur sweet
12 Madhusudan Lord Krishna
13 Madhusudhana "Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu"
14 Madin delightful
15 Madur a bird
16 Magadh son of Yadu
17 Magan engrossed
18 Mahabahu Arjuna
19 Mahabala great strength
20 Mahadev most powerful god
21 Mahaj a noblel descent
22 Mahanidhi a great treasure house
23 Mahaniya worthy of honour
24 Mahanth great
25 Maharath a great charioteer
26 Maharth very truthful
27 Mahavir most courageous among men
28 Maheepati the king
29 Mahendra Indra
30 Mahesh Shiva
31 Maheshwar Lord Shiva
32 Mahijith conqueror of the earth
33 Mahin the earth
34 Mahindra a king
35 Mahipal a king
36 Mahir expert
37 Mahish a king
38 Mahith honoured
39 Mahmud the Prophet of Islam
40 Mahtab the moon
41 Mainak a mountain a Himalayan peak
42 Maitreya friend
43 Makarand bee
44 Makul a bud
45 Makur mirror
46 Malay a mountain
47 Manajith one who conquered the mind
48 Manas mind
49 Manasi born of the mind
50 Manasyu "wishing, desiring"
51 Manav man
52 Manavendra king among men
53 Mandan adorning
54 Mandar flower
55 Mandeep light of the mind
56 Mandhatri prince
57 Mandin delighting
58 Mandir temple
59 Mandith adorned
60 Manendra king of mind
61 Mangal auspicious
62 Mangesh Lord Shiva
63 Mani a jewel
64 Manibhushan supreme gem
65 Manik gem .... gem
66 Manikandan another name for Lord Ayyappa
67 Manindra diamond
68 Maniram jewel of a person
69 Manish god of mind
70 Manishankar Shiva
71 Manith honoured
72 Manjeet conqueror of the mind
73 Manmatha Cupid
74 Manmohan pleasing
75 Mannan meditate
76 Mannath a vow to a deity
77 Mannith chosen
78 Manohar one who wins over mind
79 Manoj born of mind
80 Manonith carried by the mind
81 Manoranjan one who pleases the mind
82 Manoth born of the mind
83 Manprasad mentally calm and cool person
84 Mansukh pleasure of mind
85 Manth thought
86 Manu founder father of human beings
87 Manuj son of Manu
88 Manyu mind
89 Mardav softness
90 Mareechi ray of light
91 Markandeya a sage
92 Martand sun
93 Martanda the sun
94 Marut the wind
95 Maruti Lord Hanuman
96 Matsendra king of the fishes
97 Mayank moon
98 Mayanka the moon
99 Mayur peacock
100 Megh cloud
101 Megha a star
102 Meghashyam Lord Krishna
103 Meghdutt gift of clouds
104 Meghnad thunder
105 Mehboob beloved
106 Mehdi a flower
107 Mehmood the Prophet of Islam
108 Mehul rain
109 Mekhal "girdle, belt"
110 Meru "famous mountain in Hindu mythology, high point"
111 Mihir sun
112 Milan union
113 Milap union
114 Milind honey bee
115 Milun union
116 Mirza a prince
117 Misal example
118 Mitesh one with few desires
119 Mithil kingdom
120 Mithilesh "the king of Mithila, Janak, father of Sita"
121 Mithun couple
122 Mitra friend; the sun
123 Mitul limited
124 Mohajit attractive
125 Mohak attractive
126 Mohal attractive
127 Mohamad the Prophet
128 Mohan "charming, fascinating"
129 Mohin attractive
130 Mohit ensnarled by beauty
131 Mohnish Lord Krishna
132 Mohul attractive
133 Monish lord of mind
134 Moti pearl
135 Motilal pearl
136 Moulik valuable
137 Mriganka the moon
138 Mrigankamouli Lord Shiva
139 Mrigankasekhar Lord Shiva
140 Mrigendra lion
141 Mrigesh lion
142 Mrityunjay Lord Shiva
143 Mubarak congratulations
144 Mudita happy
145 Muhamad the Prophet
146 Mukesh lord of the dumb
147 Muktananda liberated
148 Mukul bud
149 Mukunda freedom giver
150 Mukut crown
151 Mulkraj king
152 Mumtaz conspicuous
153 Muni sage
154 Murad prowess
155 Murali flute
156 Muralidhar Lord Krishna
157 Muralimanohar Lord Krishna
158 Murari Lord Krishna
159 Murarilal Lord Krishna
160 Musheer advice
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