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Everything that has hanging up in the air is likely to settle down now giving you oodles of joy. Whether it is personal or professional relationships – you are likely to become everyone’s favourite. You are likely to find an inspiration from a senior’s approach to handle things with ease. Those working on freelance basis are likely to find more projects popping in around May and June. Those engaged in import and export are likely to find July and August a bit taxing. Luck favours you on the love front. A wedding proposal for the eligible can be expected in the first quarter. Improvement is foreseen for those who were facing compatibility issues in their relationship. Financially, you got to be very careful in the second quarter where there is a possibility to make mistakes with a bad investment. This is also a phase when someone can ask you to lend money and you cannot refuse. Domestic harmony is maintained as you put in your best to make everyone smile. Children are likely to make you proud with their achievements in the first or third quarter. Disagreements with the extended family or distant relatives can hamper the peace of mind during September and October – do what makes the peace obvious! Third and the last quarter would find you in your mettle on the health front. This is going to be a phase when you start thinking seriously about this aspect. Some of you may want to give yourself an image makeover while other may have a plan to detox and rejuvenate.

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown
Lucky Months:
Lucky Days:

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