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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Aashika lovable
2 Abha "lustre, shine"
3 Abhati "splendour, light"
4 Abhaya fearless
5 Abhidha literal meaning
6 Abhidhya "wish, longing"
7 Abhijna "remembrance, recollection"
8 Abhilasa "desire, wish"
9 Abhilasha desire
10 Abhinithi "that which is already been performed, friendship"
11 Abhiprithi full of love
12 Abhirathi pleasure
13 Abhisri "surrounded by glory, shining, powerful"
14 Abhithi fearlessness
15 Abja born in water
16 Aboil the name of a flower
17 Achala constant
18 Acira "brief, swift, fast"
19 Adarsha ideal
20 Adhira lightning
21 Adishree exalted
22 Aditha the first root
23 Adithi "freedom, safety, abundance"
24 Aditi mother of gods
25 Adrija "of the mountain, another name for parvathi"
26 Adrika celestial
27 Advika unique
28 Adya "first, unparalleled"
29 Aghanashini destroyer of sins
30 Agrata leadership
31 Agrima leadership
32 Ahalya "Rishi Gautam's wife, woman rescued by Lord Rama"
33 Ahilya maiden
34 Ahladita in happy mood
35 Ahladitha delighted
36 Aishani Goddess Durga
37 Aishwarya wealth
38 Ajala the earth
39 Ajanta famous Buddist cave
40 Ajeeta "invincible, unconquerable"
41 Akalka "free from impurity, moonlight"
42 Akanksha "desire, wish"
43 Akhila complete
44 Akriti diagram
45 Akshaya indestructible
46 Akshita seen
47 Aksithi imperishability
48 Akuti princess
49 Alaka, Alka a girl with a lovely hair
50 Alaknanda a river in the Himalayas
51 Alisha protected by God
52 Alka lock of curly hair
53 Almas a diamond
54 Alopa faultless
55 Alpa little
56 Alpana a decorative design
57 Amala, Amla the pure one
58 Amani "road, one who shows the path"
59 Amari eternal
60 Amarta immortality
61 Amba Parvati
62 Ambalika "mother, one who is sensitive"
63 Ambika Goddess Parvati
64 Ambu water
65 Ambuda cloud
66 Ambuja born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
67 Amita limitless
68 Amithi immeasurable
69 Amiya nectar
70 Amoda happiness
71 Amodini happy girl
72 Amrapali famous courtesan who became a devotee of Buddha
73 Amrita immortality
74 Amritkala nectarine art
75 Amrusha sudden
76 Amshula sunny
77 Amulya priceless
78 Anagha sinless
79 Anahita graceful
80 Anala fiery
81 Anamika ring-finger
82 Anandalakshmi goddess of happiness
83 Anandamayi full of joy
84 Anandi jovial
85 Anandini joyful
86 Anandita happy
87 Anantha, Anantya "endless, eternal"
88 Ananya matchless
89 Anarghya priceless
90 Anasuya without spite or envy
91 Anathi "modest, respectful"
92 Anavi kind to people
93 Anchal the decorative end of a sari
94 Anchita "honoured, worshipped"
95 Angana handsome woman
96 Angarika "flame coloured flower, Palash or Flame of the Forest"
97 Anhithi "gift, donation"
98 Anindita beautiful
99 Aninditha "virtuous, venerated"
100 Anisha continuous
101 Anita grace
102 Anjali offering
103 Anjalika one of Arjuna's arrows
104 Anjana mother of Hanuman
105 Anju one who lives in heart
106 Anjushri, Anjushree dear to one's heart
107 Ankita "conquered, a signet, symbol"
108 Ankitha with auspicious marks
109 Annapurna Goddess Parvati; generous with food
110 Anokhi unique
111 Anshika Minute Particle
112 Anshula sunny
113 Antara the second note in Hindustani classical music
114 Antini living in a hermitage
115 Anuga a companion
116 Anula "not wild, gentle"
117 Anulekha one who follows destiny
118 Anumati consent
119 Anunitha courtesy
120 Anupama "unique, unparalleled"
121 Anuprabha brightness
122 Anuradha a bright star
123 Anuragini beloved
124 Anurati consent
125 Anusha "beautiful morning, a star"
126 Anushri pretty
127 Anusri "glorious, famous"
128 Anuva knowldege
129 Anwesha quest
130 Anya Inexhaustible
131 Apala most beautiful
132 Aparajita undefeated
133 Aparijita undefeated; name of a flower
134 Aparna Goddess Parvati
135 Apeksha expected
136 Apsara celestial maiden
137 Apurva, Apoorva unique
138 Aradhana worship
139 Arati hymns sang in praise of god
140 Arati, Aaarti worship
141 Archa worship
142 Archan worship
143 Archana worship
144 Archisha a ray of light
145 Archita one who is worshipped
146 Ariktha fulfilled
147 Arpana surrendered
148 Arpita dedicate
149 Arshia heavenly
150 Aruna dawn
151 Arundhathi fidelity
152 Arundhati a star
153 Aruni dawn
154 Arunima glow of dawn
155 Arushi "dawn, red sky in the early morning"
156 Asavari name of a raga or melody
157 Aseema, Ashima limitless
158 Asgari devotee
159 Asha hope
160 Ashakiran ray of hope
161 Ashalata creeper of hope
162 Ashavari name of a raaga
163 Ashis benediction
164 Ashna friend
165 Ashoka without grief
166 Ashritha dependant
167 Ashwini a star
168 Asita the river Yamuna
169 Aslesha a star
170 Asmita pride
171 Asvika a little mare
172 Atasi a blue flower
173 Atmaja daughter
174 Atreyi name of a river
175 Avani Earth
176 Avani, Abani earth
177 Avanti ancient Malwa; Ujjain
178 Avantika city of Ujjain
179 Ayesha wife of the Prophet
180 Ayushmati one who has a long life
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