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44 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Rachelle
2 Raina
3 Raison
4 Raissa
5 Ranie
6 Raquel
7 Raula
8 Ray
9 Raylene
10 Raymonde
11 Reanie
12 Reina
13 Reine
14 Rejean
15 Remi
16 Remy
17 Renae
18 Renai
19 Renata
20 Renate
21 Renay
22 Rene
23 Renea
24 Renee
25 Reva
26 Rey
27 Reynes
28 Richelle
29 Riva
30 Robinetta
31 Rochelle
32 Romaine
33 Romana
34 Rose
35 Rosella
36 Roselyn
37 Roselynne
38 Rosemarie
39 Rosette
40 Rouletta
41 Roxane
42 Roxanne
43 Rubie
44 Ruby
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