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Baby Girl
74 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Macy
2 Madelon
3 Madieu
4 Mael
5 Maine
6 Maitland
7 Mallory
8 Malory
9 Manneville
10 Mantel
11 Marc
12 Marceau
13 Marcel
14 Marcellus
15 Mare
16 Marian
17 Marion
18 Markese
19 Markey
20 Marlon
21 Marq
22 Marqeus
23 Marqis
24 Marque
25 Marquice
26 Marquie
27 Marquinn
28 Marquis
29 Marquise
30 Marsell
31 Marsh
32 Marshall
33 Marvel
34 Marvell
35 Maslin
36 Mason
37 Masson
38 Mathieu
39 Matthieu
40 Maurice
41 Maxence
42 Maxime
43 Maximillia
44 Mayker
45 Maynard
46 Mayque
47 Mel
48 Melville
49 Melvin
50 Melvyn
51 Mercer
52 Merla
53 Merle
54 Merlin
55 Merlion
56 Meryle
57 Michel
58 Michele
59 Mikel
60 Millard
61 Miquel
62 Modestine
63 Monet
64 Montae
65 Montagu
66 Montague
67 Montaine
68 Montgomery
69 Montrae
70 Montreal
71 Moor
72 Moore
73 More
74 Mortimer
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Apoorva Shukla
Sanjay Raghunathan
Guru ji is very learned, humble and accurate. He gives you a patient hearing and gives very simple remedies and even suggestions. I felt very motivated and uplifted after both my consultations with him.
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My life has changed a lot under his guidance whatever the insecurities i was dealing with suddenly started vanishing . I truly believe his principles and guidance to life solve a lot of grudges in a person's life whether be related to relationship or anything . So happy that I got to know him .
Mahi Rastogi
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