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Baby Girl
48 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Gabriele
2 Gabriell
3 Gabrielle
4 Gaby
5 Gaetana
6 Gaetane
7 Gala
8 Galatee
9 Galla
10 Gallia
11 Garcelle
12 Garland
13 Garnet
14 Gay
15 Gaya
16 Gemma
17 Geneva
18 Genevieve
19 Genevre
20 Georget
21 Georgetta
22 Georgette
23 Georgine
24 Georgitte
25 Geraldene
26 Geraldine
27 Gerarda
28 Geri
29 Germain
30 Germaine
31 Germana
32 Gerre
33 Gerry
34 Ghislaine
35 Gidget
36 Gidgett
37 Gidgit
38 Gig
39 Gigi
40 Gilberte
41 Gisela
42 Giselda
43 Gisele
44 Gisella
45 Giselle
46 Gisselle
47 Guinevere
48 Gwenaelle
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