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54 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Fabienne
2 Fabiola
3 Fae
4 Faie
5 Fanchon
6 Fanetta
7 Fanette
8 Fantine
9 Faun
10 Fauna
11 Faunia
12 Fauve
13 Fawn
14 Fawne
15 Fawnia
16 Fay
17 Fayanna
18 Faye
19 Fayette
20 Fayme
21 Felicia
22 Felicie
23 Felicienne
24 Felicite
25 Felicity
26 Fifi
27 Flavie
28 Fleur
29 Floressa
30 Floretta
31 Florette
32 Flori
33 Floria
34 Floriana
35 Florianna
36 Florianne
37 Florida
38 Florinda
39 Flory
40 Fontanne
41 Franca
42 France
43 Francee
44 Francelia
45 Francesa
46 Francessca
47 Franchon
48 Francille
49 Francina
50 Francine
51 Francoise
52 Francoise
53 Fransiska
54 Frantiska
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