Baby Names

Baby Boy

Baby Girl
20 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Oda
2 Odeletta
3 Odelia
4 Odetta
5 Odette
6 Odiane
7 Odie
8 Odile
9 Odilia
10 Olivie
11 Olympe
12 Olympia
13 Opaline
14 Ophelia
15 Ophelie
16 Orane
17 Oriane
18 Orianne
19 Oriel
20 Orlene
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Always accurate and to the point. Never gone wrong ever. Simply the best. Besides that he is a soft spoken , down to earth person who cares. A great human being.
really he gives the proper janamcundali
rupali rohidas bhagat
I am a very strong follower of Dr Sharma since 2002. Always read his comments. Everytime I read, see something of me in the comments. Today have a opportunity to meet him. Seems find a mentor. Thanks god for meeting him.
Balbir Singh
Meeting with Sharma Ji was an honour ,such a humble personality with so much postiveness ,and yes after meeting with him my problems were resolved tons of thank you to Sharma Ji and to his team Rita Mam and Meenu Mam who were very coperative God bless you all 😊
Shiv Krishan Sehgal
Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is very patient and knowledgable and explains things clearly. He provides great insights regarding the situation and the future course of action to follow.
Sanjay Parthasarathy
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