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75 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Cable
2 Cain
3 Caine
4 Calvin
5 Campbell
6 Carel
7 Carlo
8 Carlos
9 Case
10 Cassius
11 Cerys
12 Cesar
13 Cezanne
14 Chace
15 Chance
16 Chancey
17 Chandler
18 Chane
19 Chaney
20 Chanley
21 Channing
22 Chapin
23 Charbel
24 Chard
25 Charles
26 Charlot
27 Chas
28 Chase
29 Chasen
30 Chaucer
31 Chaunce
32 Chauncey
33 Chauncy
34 Chavis
35 Cheney
36 Chevalier
37 Chevelier
38 Chevron
39 Chevy
40 Cheyne
41 Choncey
42 Christien
43 Christofor
44 Christophe
45 Ciel
46 Clark
47 Clarke
48 Clovis
49 Colan
50 Colbey
51 Colin
52 Collin
53 Collins
54 Colyn
55 Corben
56 Corbett
57 Corbin
58 Corbyn
59 Cordell
60 Cort
61 Cortland
62 Corwin
63 Coty
64 Court
65 Courtenay
66 Courtland
67 Courtnay
68 Courtney
69 Cretien
70 Cullen
71 Curt
72 Curtice
73 Curtis
74 Curtiss
75 Cyprien
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I wish I had met him much earlier in life, I wouldn't need friend, therapist , astrologer or mentor in life. I had none anyway, ever. Anyone who saw my patri , told me my patri is the worst ever anyone saw. And I had surrendered to my fate and was moving on in life. Then I met sir, he is amazing in what he is doing. I'm a person who only believes in God but he taught me there are still few genuine humans alive in the universe. I can talk to him..and he guided me like guardian angel. Thank you sir for clearing my path of life. I hope to remain in touch with you( my guardian angel) always.. thank you once again ...
v Sharma
I always read Prem Kumar's horoscope in News India Times, New York. In the beginning I used to read for entertainment purpose, but I realized that some of the predictions are related to me.
Rajendra Bansal
K. Devasena
Been 26 years of an association with Sharma Uncle . He has been a guiding force in our lives , has helped us get through the most difficult times and gives the most accurate predictions with remedies . He is the best !!
Nisha Punj Sharma
Dear Sir, You are very speedy in analysis and what you have predicted was correct and happened. Hoping the future predictions also come true. Best wishes Sriker Rai
Mr. Sriker Rai
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