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Baby Girl
63 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Bailey
2 Baptiste
3 Bari
4 Barnard
5 Baron
6 Barrett
7 Barrie
8 Barry
9 Basile
10 Bastien
11 Baudoin
12 Baudouin
13 Bay
14 Bayard
15 Baylen
16 Bayley
17 Beau
18 Beauchamp
19 Beaumont
20 Beauregard
21 Beaureguard
22 Bebe
23 Belden
24 Bell
25 Bellamy
26 Benard
27 Benoit
28 Berenger
29 Bern
30 Bernabel
31 Bernard
32 Berne
33 Bernie
34 Berny
35 Bertrand
36 Blais
37 Blaisdell
38 Blaise
39 Blaize
40 Blayze
41 Blaze
42 Bode
43 Boden
44 Bogart
45 Bomen
46 Bonamy
47 Bonner
48 Boone
49 Boswell
50 Boyce
51 Bret
52 Briand
53 Brice
54 Bruce
55 Bryant
56 Brys
57 Burdell
58 Burgess
59 Burgess
60 Burke
61 Burkett
62 Burrell
63 Byron
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We have been consulting Sir for last many years.Have been through several ups and downs both on professional and personal front , and all along have been lucky to have Sir guide us through. His strong knowledge and vast experience gives one strong confidence. Would strongly recommend Sir to anyone who needs good guidance and advice during difficult situations.Most of our major decisions are taken after taking Sir's advice.Wish many more people seek his advice and get solace. Thank you.
Manoj Maithani
Now, Its 2020, and since, 1997, I am Follower of Respected, ShriJi. The predictions and guidance are very useful and perfect, Its my 23 years relation with Shriji, and He has picked up me from the ground and now having a better and good stable life and also frequently in touch with Shriji, for the calm , stable, and satisfied life for me and my Family...... at the most,---- He is Great--- and-- Humble--- Polite--- and Respected-- God Man--
Harbanslal Longani
Having been associated with Guru Ji for over a decade now, I can confidently say that he has been a force of wisdom and guidance for my family and I. We are ever grateful for his accurate foresight and helpful counsel that have helped us steer through our respective journeys with peace and preparation.
Shashwat Gupta
My life has changed a lot under his guidance whatever the insecurities i was dealing with suddenly started vanishing . I truly believe his principles and guidance to life solve a lot of grudges in a person's life whether be related to relationship or anything . So happy that I got to know him .
Mahi Rastogi
It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Premji. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his guidance. It has truly helped me a lot in life.
Priyanka Mehta
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