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Baby Girl
54 name(s).
S.No. Name
1 Gable
2 Gabriele
3 Gaetan
4 Gage
5 Gaige
6 Gard
7 Gardiner
8 Gardner
9 Garion
10 Garlan
11 Garland
12 Garnell
13 Garnet
14 Garren
15 Gaspar
16 Gaspard
17 Gaston
18 Gauge
19 Gaute
20 Gauthier
21 Gautier
22 Gaylord
23 Gedeon
24 Geoff
25 Geoffrey
26 Geoffroy
27 Georges
28 Gerald
29 Gerard
30 Geraud
31 Germain
32 Germane
33 Gerrard
34 Gerry
35 Gervais
36 Gifford
37 Gil
38 Gilbert
39 Giles
40 Gill
41 Gilles
42 Granger
43 Grangere
44 Grant
45 Granville
46 Gregoire
47 Grenville
48 Greville
49 Grosvenor
50 Gui
51 Guillaume
52 Gustav
53 Gustave
54 Guy
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Colonel Piyush Sethi
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