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S.No. Name Meaning
1 Kabirah Elder, Big
2 Kadshah She was a companion
3 Kaheesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa.
4 Kaleemah Speaker
5 Kalila Sweetheart, beloved
6 Kaltham Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah.
7 Kamaliyah Perfection
8 Kamilah Perfect, complete
9 Kaneez Slave
10 Kanval Flower
11 Kanwal Water Lily
12 Kanz Treasure
13 Kanza Hidden Treasure
14 Kanzah Treasure
15 Karam Generosity
16 karawan Variety of plover birds
17 Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named.
18 Karida Untouched
19 Karimah Generous, noble.
20 Karimah, Kareema Generous, noble
21 Kas Glass
22 Kashifah Revealer of Secrets.
23 Kashish Attraction
24 Kathirah Plenty
25 Kaukab Star
26 Kausar River in janna (paradise).
27 Kawakib Satellites
28 Kawkab Satellite
29 Kawthar River in Paradise
30 Kaysah She was a narrator of Hadith.
31 Kehkashan Galaxy
32 Khadeeja Prophet's first wife.
33 Khadijah First wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
34 Khadijah, Khadeeja First wife of the Prophet
35 Khalidah Abiding, Forever.
36 Khalidah, Khalida Immortal, everlasting
37 Khalilah Good friend
38 Khalisah Sincere, pure
39 Khansa Old Arabic name
40 Kharqa Strong, wind.
41 Khatera Memory
42 Khatoon Lady
43 Khawlah Female deer
44 Khayrah Good
45 Khayriyah Charitable, good.
46 Khayriyah, Khayriyyah, Khairiya Charitable, beneficent, good
47 Khayriyyah Charitable
48 Khazanah Treasure
49 Khidrah Green
50 Khitam Conclusion
51 Khudrah Greenery
52 Khulaybah This was the name of an Arab poetess.
53 Khulud Immorality
54 Khulud, Khulood Immortality, eternity, infinity
55 Khusbakht Lucky
56 Khuwaylah Gazelle
57 Khuzama Lavender
58 Khuzamah Lavender
59 Kifah Struggle
60 Kiswar Territory
61 Koila Charcoal
62 Komal Beautiful
63 Kuhaylah Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker.
64 Kulthum Daughter of Ahmad bin Ali al-Asiwatiyah was a righteous woman who had memorised the Quran; there were many other women of this name including a daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) a daughter of Sayyidina Abu Bakar (R.A) etc.
65 Kulthum, Kulthoom Daughter of the Prophet
66 Kulus Clearness, purity
67 Kunza Hidden treasure.
68 Kuwaysah Pretty
69 Kyda Preserved, Strong.
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