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69 name(s).
S.No. Name Meaning
1 Iba Pride, sense
2 Ibadah Worship
3 Ibthaj Joy
4 Ibtihaj Happiness
5 Ibtihaj, Ibtihaaj Joy, delight
6 Ibtihal Supplication, prayer
7 Ibtisam Smiling
8 Idhar Fluff
9 Iffah Purity, modesty
10 Iffah, Iffat Chaste
11 Iffat Chastity
12 Ifra Giving happiness
13 Iftikar Thought, contemplation
14 Iftikhar Pride, glory
15 Ijaz Inimitability of the Quran
16 Ijlal Respect, honor
17 Ikhlas Sincerity
18 Ikram Honour, hospitality, generosity
19 Ikram, Ikraam Honor, hospitality, generosity
20 Ilham Intuition, inspiration
21 Ilham, Ilhaam Intuition
22 Ilhanath Henna
23 Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
24 Iman Faith, belief
25 Imani Faith, Belief
26 Imthithal Polite obedience
27 Imtihal Polite, obedience
28 Imtithal Polite obedience
29 In'am Kindness, benefaction, bestowal
30 Inam, Inaam Kindness, benefaction, bestowal
31 Inan A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih).
32 Inas Sociability
33 Inaya Concern; solicitude
34 Inayah Concern
35 Inayah, Inayat Care, concern
36 Insaf Justice, equity
37 Insha Creation, origination.
38 Intessar Victory
39 Intisar Triumph
40 Intisar, Intisaar Triumph
41 Iqra To recite
42 Iraj Flower
43 Iram Garden in heaven
44 Irem A Garden in Heaven
45 Isa Spacious, generous
46 Isad To bring happiness, to provide help
47 Isaf Relief, help
48 Isar Fascinating
49 Isha Night Prayer
50 Ishfaq Compassion, affection
51 Ishraq Radiance
52 Isir Inspiritional, strong
53 Isma Safeguarding
54 Ismah, Ismat Purity, modesty, infallibility
55 Ismat Pious
56 Isra Nocturnal journey; night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem
57 Istabraq Brocade
58 Istilah Agreement
59 Itab Censure
60 Itaf Clock
61 Ithar Preference
62 Itidal Straightness, tautness
63 Itimad Reliance, dependencen
64 Izdihar Flourishing, blooming.
65 Izdihar, Izdihaar Flourishing, blossoming
66 Izma Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour.
67 Izz an-Nisa She was a narrator of Hadith.
68 Izzah Might, power
69 Izzah (Izzat) Slave girl. The daughter of Umar bin Mumal was named Jariyah. Before he had become a Muslim, she was the slave of Umar (R.A) and he used to trash her very harshly that she might revoke Islam but she did not and finally he himself became a Muslim.
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