Predictions Came True

Dr Sharma made a very strong prediction on 4th April on PTC News that mass casualties are possible within the comming 40days.

Dr. Prem Sharma truly predicted that there is no possibility of finding Gold in Daundiya Khera(Unnao). Predicted Live on Sahara Samay, Aaj Tak and Headlines today on 17th and 18th Oct 2013

Predictions on News Channels

Dr. Sharma clearly predicted that "the World will not end on 21st May 2011 and things will remain the same" in a special programme on P7 News Channel on 20th May 2011 at 12 noon.

Dr. Sharma truly predicted winning of World Cup by Indian Cricket Team on TV Channels like Star News, CNN. Also his predictions were carried in Hindustan Times, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar & Telegraph and

Dr. Sharma predicted on StarNews (19th Mar 2011) on the occurrence of Supermoon would cause some natural calamities within a period of 40 days. It came true as immediately the next day Phillipines was hit by an earthquake.

Dr. Sharma prediction came true about India’s Victory in India-Pakistan Match in the World Cup Semi Final in Dainik Bhaskar on 30th March’2011.

Dr. Sharma predicted disturbances in marital life for Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly. Prediction was carried on Sahara Samay in March 2010. In the latest programmes telecasted on national news channels like Star News and News 24, he also predicted that the couple would proceed towards reconciliation right now but the situation may repeat again in future and with much wider effects and consequences.

Dr. Sharma truly predicted the victory of Spain in FIFA 2010. Prediction carried on News24, IBN7 and Star News on 10th and 11th Jul 2010.

Dr. Sharma predicted that Dhoni's Wife Sakshi would bring in Good Fortue for him on the Career as well as Financial front. This came true as just after his marriage he signed up the costliest deal till now with Sports Marketing Agency and with this he have left Sachin behind in Brand rating of Cricketers. Prediction carried on News 24 & IBN7 on 3rd Jul and 4th Jul 2010.

Among his predictions in the leading newspapers, the noteworthy ones are:

Dr. Sharma predicted the occurrence of a mass casualty in the country within the time span of 90 days in the programme "Rashichaal” (appears daily at 08.30 am) on "Sahara Samay”, one of the leading TV news channel of India on 13 February 2010 on the eve of Shani Amavasya.It came true on the very same day with the occurrence of a bomb blast attack in Pune. This is the first major terror strike since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks killing at least 8 and injuring 53 lives.

Dr. Sharma predicted on Sahara Samay on 1st Jan 2010, that the coming year

Dr. Sharma predicted on Sahara Samay in the episode of Solar eclipse on 22nd Jul 09 that India will loose a prominent leader in the year ahead. This prediction came true as the sudden demise of Shri Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy, C.M Andhra Pradesh shocked us.

Dr. Sharma predicted on Sahara Samay before the solar eclipse on 22nd Jul 09 that Governors/Party Heads/CMs of some States may be changed. This came true within a period of less than a week.

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction that this year Indian Females will get recognition world wide. This came true as Actress Aishwarya Rai got "Padam Shree" this year (2009). Pinky Sonkar (Played lead role in documentary "Smile Pinki") got Oscar Award for her excellent performance this year and Ms. Sourabhee became the 1st Female Indian Idol. (Prediction on Sahara Samay on 31st Dec 2008, New Year Special).

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction regarding terrorist activities, natural and unnatural calamities in India in the coming time before 31 st Dec 2008 . This came true as the recent attack of terrorists in Mumbai on 26 th Nov 2008 have shaken the whole country and especially the Maharashtra Government. ( Predictions on Star News: 1st Aug 2008 in "Sankat Mai Surya”, "Chand Par Grahan” on 15 th Aug 2008 and in special program on Shani Amavasya on 30 th Aug 2008 ).

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction regarding the Political upheaval on the national or state level and especially focused on the change of the head of some state before 31 st Dec 2008 . This came true as the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of Maharashatra have to resign from their posts after the incident of terrorist attack in Mumbai. ( Prediction on Star News: "Sankat Mai Surya” on 1 st Aug 2008 , "Chand Par Grahan” on 15 th Aug 2008 ).

Dr. Sharma truly predicted that some danger is foreseen for some National Leader that may be related to Pakistan , Burma , Bangladesh or India . This came true as President of Pakistan Mr. Parvez Musharraf have to go for exile. ( Prediction on Star News: "Chand Par Grahan” on 16 th Aug 2008 ).

Dr. Sharma truly predicted that UPA Government will be able to survive its position in the upcoming elections. (Prediction carried in: Mail Today Newspaper on 10th Jul 2008, PTC News on 20th Jul 2008 at 09:30 Hrs and Star News on 9th Jul 2008 at 18:30 Hrs in special program on Saturn and Mars at same degrees).

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction on Star News that India will lose a prominent leader. On 1st Aug 2008 on the day of Surya Grahan , India lost the prominent leader Harkishan Singh Surjit. ("Sankat Mai Surya” on Star News, 31 st Jul 2008 at 18:30 Hrs and 20:00 Hrs).

Dr. Sharma made a prediction that India will loose a prominent leader/ Actor os some prominent personality will suffer financial setbacks or physical problems or will be the talk of the public in a negative way. This prediction has came true because Amitabh Bachchan and his family Abhishek and Aishwarya have lost big deals. Reference: Hindustan Times, HT City- 4th Aug 2008 and all other major national newspapers. (Predictions made on Star News at 18:30 Hrs and 20:00 Hrs during "Sankat Mai Surya" Progran.)

Dr. Sharma predicted downfall in shares market in the year 2008 which could be judged by the current status of Shares Market. (Economic Times, 22nd Feb 2008).

Dr. Sharma truly predicted that the coming time will be troublesome for some leader in a Muslim Country. This prediction came true as Benajir Bhutto was shot dead on 27th Dec 2007.

Dr. Sharma made a strong and clear prediction regarding the victory of India (by Indian Cricket Team) in Twenty- Twenty World Cup 2007. (Zee News, 24th Sep 2007)

Dr. Sharma made a prediction based on Numerology for Sanjay Dutt that Year 2007 would bring good and bad news positively. (Zee News, June 2007)

Dr. Sharma predicted that "Taj Mahal" will be included among the list of seven wonders of the world. (Delhi- Aaj Tak, Satte Pe Satta on 7th Jul 2007 and S1 TV, Saat Phere Saat Janm on 7th Jul 2007)

Dr. Sharma predicted that the present regime in the center is going to be affected badly and the opposition will be benefited. Prediction came true as BJP in the daily MCD elections secured a very good position. (S1 TV, Sitare Bole on 19th Mar 2007)

Dr. Sharma Clearly predicted that India will not emerge victorious in the World Cup 2007.(S1 TV, Sitare Bole on 18th Mar 2007).

Dr. Sharma very correctly predicted the change of the Government in Punjab and Uttarakhand. (S1 TV, Sitare Bole on 10th Feb 2007).

Dr. Sharma correctly predicted the removal of a Head of State. The Governor of Bihar, Shri. Buta Singh was unceremoniously removed from office. (Prediction on S1 TV Channel in January 2006).

Dr. Sharma made a strong, clear and true prediction that Astrologer Kunji Lal of Betul (M.P), who claimed he would die between 3 pm and 5 pm on 20th October 2005, will not die. (Star News Live Interview on 20th October 2005).

Dr. Sharma predicted that Shri Madan Lal Khurana's political career would not end. This came true, as he was reinstated in the party after gracefully accepting just a few days of suspension. (Prediction on S1 TV Channel in September 2005).

Dr. Sharma's prediction of change of some Head of State came true as Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad took over as Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir on 2nd November 2005. (Prediction on S1 TV Channel in October 2005).

The prediction of political upheavals came true as Foreign Minister, Mr. Natwar Singh, resigned from his post and Ms. Uma Bharti, who was also holding a high status in BJP, was suspended. (Prediction on S1 TV Channel in November 2005).

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction about the winning of George W. Bush in US Elections- 2004. (Hindustan Times dated 2nd Nov 2004: (Front Page) One More Day, What the stars say).

Dr. Sharma made a very correct prediction regarding the Monsoon and political upheavals in the country that has come true. (Chandigarh Tribune on 26th June 2005.)

Dr.Sharma made a very correct prediction regarding India-Pakistan cricket match one day international series match and Test Series. (Prediction: Future Perfect: The pitch is right for team India- We have many reasons to feel good. (Hindustan Times: HT City section dated 16th Mar 2004)., Prediction: Team India's Twinkling Stars. (Hindustan Times: HT City section dated 30th Mar 2004).

No world war in 1999 but some tension amongst some countries may not be ruled out. (Indian Express- Chandigarh Newsline dated 21-09-1998).

President Bill Clinton will have to face impeachment proceedings but will be survived unscathed if he passes 29th December 1998. (Indian Express - Newsmen dated 21-9-1998).

Atal Bihari Vajpayee is unlikely to remain Prime minister beyond June 1999. The period starting 15th October 1998 will prove to be very difficult for the present government. (Indian Express Chandigarh Newsline dated 21-9-1998).

Atal Bihari Vajpayee will become Prime Minister. (Indian Express, Chandigarh Newsline dated 9-3-1998).

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee will have to experience another surgery again. Prediction appeared on, December 2000.

Mid-Term Polls before June 2000. (Indian Express, Chandigarh Newsline dated 9-3-1998).

Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal will emerge as winner on Chandigarh Parliamentary Seat. (Indian Express- Chandigarh Newsline dated 06th October 1999).

Sonia Gandhi will jump into the Indian Politics and is destined to rule the country. (Indian Express - Newsline dated 9-3-1998)

The end of tenure of Indian Prime Minister I. K. Gujral before March 1998.

BJP will come in power in coalition with other parties. (Times of India-Chandigarh Plus dated 25-12-1997).

The release of film star Sunjay Dutt from jail, imprisoned under the Terrorists and Disruptive activities prevention Act (TADA). (Punjab Times International (U.K.) dated 9-8-1995).

End of terrorism in Punjab before 3rd April 1993. (Punjab Kesri, dated 25-01-1993).

Surrender or killing of major terrorists in encounters on or before 3rd April 1993. (Punjab Kesri, dated January 25, 1993).

Dr. Sharma has made the very correct predictions of Mr. Kapil Dev and Azaharuddin on Mantra online (Bharti BT Group) and Hindustan T. (A Leading National Daily). (March 2000)

Ms. Mamta Bannerjee will not become the Chief Minister in the coming assembly elections in West Bengal. Prediction appeared at April 2001.

Possibility of a war between some country and United States of America most evident. Prediction appeared on September 2001.

There will be no World War but war between United States and some gulf countries will prolong and will gain momentum after 15th November 2001. Especially the time seems to be stressful till 12th May 2002, especially. Ultimately USA will emerge as a winner. Prediction appeared on November 02, 2001 on The Tribune.

The planetary configurations reveal that India in the Year 2002 will become more aggressive in its foreign policy. It will make its strong presence felt not only in South Asia, but around the world as well." The closeness that India has today with US, UK, China and major world powers was very correctly predicted in the Graphiti (The Telegraph Magazine, 30 December 2001 issue).

"Indians all over will shine and do their country proud. Sports in general will see improvement in quality. Some Indian sportsmen from different games will bring laurel to the country." This has been an exceptionally good year for Indian Sports with excellent performance in Commonwealth Games & Asian Games. Medals were won in hockey, Shooting, Athletics and many other sports.

Prediction were made very correctly in the Graphiti (The Telegraph Magazine, 30 December 2001 issue).

"This period is especially not good as destruction due to floods, riots and terrorism is highly strong." As predicted by Dr. Sharma this year destruction due to natural calamity has been very high. Floods at one part of the country and drought at another have proved very destructive for life and crops. A peak in terrorism has been witnessed this year. Prediction appeared in the Graphiti (The Telegraph Magazine, 30 December 2001 issue).

Though he will have a very solid and outstanding career, but even then he needs to be cautious during 11.08.2002 to 04.01.2005. Health of the self or of some one in the close relations could cause concern during this period or even otherwise some tensions could disturb the smooth pace of the life. " A very correct prediction made about Salman Khan. His accident and subsequent arrest. Prediction appeared on

"Infighting in Pakistan and crisis for President Musharraf both politically and personally. Prediction appeared on July 2001.

Prediction of Air crashes/Air illusions came very true. Prediction appeared on October 11, 2001 on Hindustan Times.

Western or southern parts of the country will be affected badly due to accidents/violence/riots/natural calamities etc. Appeared on Graphiti (The Telegraph Magazine, 30 December 2001 issue).

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma very correctly made the prediction of Punjab Pardesh Congress coming into power into 2002 in Feb 2002 elections, ruled by Capt. Amarinder Singh. Also precisely mentioned the winning seats between 60 to 65.

Other Predictions

Dr. Sharma predicted on "Chandra Grahan” on the eve of new year and "Surya Grahan” on 15th Jan 2010 will have the follwoing effects (Globally): (Predictions carried on Star News, Sahara Samay and News24 on 31st Dec 2009, 1st Jan 2010, 13th Jan 2010 and 15th Jan 2010 respectively)

Train Accidents, Air Plane Crashes, Flood, Tsunami or Communal rights are foreseen in the coming year 2010.

This came true as on 2nd Jan 2010, when two express trains collided in separate incidents in Uttar Pradesh. And again on 16th Jan 2010, Kalindi express and Shram Shakti Express collided with each other in U.P.

Change of Head of the states, Governors or other political leaders.

This came true as on 16th Jan 2010, 8 state Governors were changed. Also, Mr. Amar Singh resigned from the position of Samajwadi parties general secretary on Jan 6, 2010 which was accepted by Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav on 17th Jan 2010.

Health problem/Death of India’s prominent Political leader or Film Actor/Actress.

This came true as on 16th Jan 2010, Mr. Jyoti Basu (Former West Bengal C.M and Senior Communist party leader) died.

Terrorists will try to ruin the peace of the country but won’t be successful.

This came true as the recent Hijack plan of terrorists proved to be failure on 2nd Jan 2010.

Dr. Sharma predicted that , Cost of living will go high with the coming time but the major effect will be on consumer items.

This came true as new rates of VAT have been implemented from 13th Jan onwards

Natural Calamities might hit and majorly affect the Muslim countries.

This came true as on 12th Jan 2010, Earth Quake was observed in "HAITI”.

Changes in Police or Judiciary decisions for Public Benefits.

This came true as recently Government has recently proposed death penalty for hijackers.

Dr. Sharma predicted that eminent Political leaders could be surrounded with controversies and criticism.

Minister of State for External affairs, Mr. Shashi Tharoor swung into controversy and damage control mode on 10th Jan 2010, as news of his criticism of Jawahar Lal Nehru’s foreign policy was wildly reported and angry reactions of congress leaders became public.
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