Numerology Report

Your Date of BirthThu, 01 Jan 1970
Your Basic Number is
Your Compound Number is9
Your Challenge Number of type A is0
Your Challenge Number of type B is9
Your Challenge Number of type C is9
Your Challenge Number of type D is9
Your Destiny Number is7
Your Heart Number is2
Your Personality Number is5

Different Kinds of the numbers help in knowing the details of the different aspects of the life along with the periodical information.

Basic Numbers: Numbers 1 to 9 are the basic numbers. It reveals the basic characteristics and in built talents of a person.

Compound Numbers: All numbers containing more than one digit are known as compound numbers. These numbers when reduced to a single digit number represent the wheel of fortune.

Personality Numbers: It is the sum of all the consonants in the name. It represents the outer appearance of the person. It is always said that first impression is the last impression.

Heart Numbers: It is the sum of all the vowels in the name, i. e. A, E, I, O, U. It is an important number in ones life, as it represents the emotions and the inner desire.

Destiny Numbers: It is the sum of all the letters in the name. It represents the purpose of the life, environment and the opportunities to be met. This is the most important of all the numbers.

Talent Numbers: This is the sum of date, month and year. It always remains the same. It gives the compete analysis of ones personality. It shows the natural potency of the person, his talents, and his positive and negative points, which can always make him to learn something.

Challenge Numbers: There are four types of Challenges.

  • A: It is the difference of the digits between the month and the date.
  • B: It is the difference of the digits between the date and the year.
  • C: It is the difference of the digits between A and B.
  • D: It is the difference of the digits between the month and the year.

    Karmic Numbers: The word Karma itself is giving the indication of some actions good or bad of the previous birth. According to the deeds or actions made in the past life or the previous birth one reaps the returns or bears good or bad results. One cannot escape from the Karmas. One should always remember that as soon as the Karmic Debt is paid, the person emerges as a new individual and that too with a greater potential.

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