Life Path Numbers

Imagine that you are in the new city as you have got promotion. Every morning you start from your home, get into your car and start driving towards your office. Initially when you joined your office you find it difficult to remember the turns, speed breaker, flyovers, busiest road you need to drive through to reach your office but after few days you remember all the turns, breakers, even your colleague’s house.
Here new city is referred to as this world, office is your destiny i.e. the person you are destined to become and road is your life path containing talents,  opportunities, challenges and lessons mentioned as flyovers, speed breakers, turns and colleague’s house.

Calculation of Life Path Number 
Life path number is also known as talent number and is calculated by your date of birth which includes date, month and year. 
First reduce your date, month and year to single digit and then all the three single digits to arrive at your life path. This illustration will make it clearer. 
Suppose your date of birth is 12 –Jan-1989
Date total: 1+2=3
Month totals to 1
Year totals to 1+9+8+9=27=9
Life path number totals to 3+1+9 = 13=4
Please note that 11 and 22 are master numbers and are not reduced to single digits 
Eg.  If somebody is born on 22 - Oct -1990
Date will not be reduced to 4 and will be =22
Month will be =1+0=1
And year will = 1+9+9+0=19=1
So his life path will be calculated as =22+1+1=24=6
Similarly if someone is born in the month of November will not reduce 11 to 2 and similar will be followed in the case of year if it totals to 11 or 22.
From the time of the early man, human race is continuously advancing due to discoveries, inventions, quest for knowledge then why not to  discover about ourselves. Numerology is a study to understand our true nature, in fact there are many numerology websites which offer free numerological calculation. They help us calculating our life path number and understanding opportunities we are goin to get in this life time, challenges we should overcome or else it will be difficult for us to cash upon opportunities or to strike the iron when it is hot to reap profits. One with lack of self knowledge might call it their ill fate and squander their talents and opportunities.


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