Gopashtami, the cows are worshipped in the cattle farms. All the members of the family take part in the puja and offer their prayers to the cows. The puja for Gopashtami is performed by the priest with proper rituals. People visit the cattle farms or the herders and offer their prayers to cows with diya, jiggery, flowers, Gangajal, etc; Females worship Lord Krishna before cows and apply tilak on the forehead of the cows. Cows are fed green peas, jiggery etc. by the devotees. Many religious people donate food and other items in the cattle farm.

On this day devotees bathe and clean the cows early in the morning. There is a tradition of decorating and worshipping cows along with their calf on this day. The devotee should walk a mile after doing the parikrama and in the evening the cow returns home and is worshipped with panchopchar. Cows are decorated with flowers and worshipped in the morning with incense, flowers, roli, jaggery, fragrance, clothes, rice and water followed by performing the aarti.

After that the soil beneath the cow’s feet is applied on the forehead and food items are offered to her. By doing all this devotee gets a prosperous and a happy life. Many people give gifts to the herders a well.

Gopashtami, the most auspicious day to worship cows in cattle forms will be celebrated on November 19th 2015 (Thursday). All family members can take part to offer prayers in this puja. This Gopashtami puja has to be done following correct rituals by priest. People may go the nearby herders or cattle farms to offer prayers to the cows by using Gangajal, flowers, jiggery and diya. All ladies will pray to Lord Krishna in front of cows and they apply tilak in forehead of cows. Devotees feed the cows with jiggery and green peas. Most of the religious people used to donate various items including food in cattle farm.

During this puja, they bath their cows during early morning hours and decorate them along with calf. After completing this parikrama, the person should walk almost a mile while the cow come back home in evening. Following this, they are worshipped using panchopchar. Early morning cows are cleaned and decorated with the help of flowers and later on worshipped with rice, water, clothes, fragrance, jiggery, roli, flowers and incense sticks followed by aarti. After this puja, people apply the soil in their forehead, which was taken from the place below cow’s feet. They also offer various food items to cow. They believe that by doing this puja, they can get a more prosperous and happy life in future. Few may even treat herders with their gifts.

  • 1. Bathe, clean and decorate cows in the morning.
  • 2. Worship them along with their calf.
  • 3. Offer flowers, tilak, Jaggery (gudd), rice and water.
  • 4. Perform aarti and offer fresh grass.
  • 5. Take parikrama around cows.
  • 6. Apply ‘guadhuli’ (soil beneath the cow’s feet) on your forehead. It is said that by doing so one gets     prosperous and a happy life.
  • 7. If you are unable to worship Cow. You can also donate food and other items in the cattle farms.


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