Weekly Forecast for all Sunsigns

From 23-02-2017 To 01-03-2017
aries daily horoscope
This week you will benefit provided you are willing to take bold decisions at workplace. Your determination and confidence will yield favourable results with each passing day. Money position improves as pending payments get cleared. Your life partner will bring you immense pleasure, but would behave highly possessive. During this period you should go out and build new relationship and contacts, but avoid strangers and people that you have ignored in the past.
taurus daily horoscope
You may need to keep an alternate option ready for something you have committed to. Be pragmatic and cut your losses if you feel certain financial arrangements are not working out. Taking too long to make up your mind may be detrimental as you could miss out on some opportunities. There is every possibility of things going your way on the social front. Getting nominated for something prestigious cannot be ruled out. An ancestral house is likely to come in your name through inheritance.
gemini daily horoscope
You are likely to become highly ambitious, determined and enthusiastic this week. Your high energy level would bring enormous gains and enhance your reputation. Financially you would become more comfortable and have plenty of time for recreational and other activities. Members of the opposite sex would be source of inspiration and will help you in need of the hour. Some tension might arise with close friends or relatives.
cancer daily horoscope
Networking for business will lead to new opportunities. There are people who are willing to help you out, but you have to make up your mind first. Those looking for suitable employment can land a dream job. Homemakers can remain dissatisfied with the quality of renovation work despite spending time and money on it. Expect the family to support your ideas. You are likely to have your cake and eat it too on the financial front.
leo daily horoscope
For those of you who have not been going out lately, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and build new alliances. Anxiety and indecisiveness that has plagued you in the past seems to end, as optimism and confidence seems to take control. Financial gains likely but you need to be extra careful before entering into any new partnerships. House ladies are likely to be more involved into embroidery, cooking or other creative activities. Children and youngsters will look up to you for inspiration.
virgo daily horoscope
Some of you stand a good chance for campus recruitment by top multinational companies. Nomination for an award or honor is likely to materialize for some. An apprehension regarding a financial issue will be laid to rest. Visit to friends or relatives will prove enjoyable. A colleague?s major success or achievement will be a reason for celebration. A seemingly perfect matrimonial match may need a relook. Health of a dear one may require your time and effort.
libra daily horoscope
Finish your pending jobs that have been hovering over your head before you pick up any new assignment. Work pressure might leave you irritated and exhausted, but you should remember that harsh words and erratic behaviour would only bring disregard and criticism. Financial gains seem likely as you recover delayed and pending payments. Children would need careful handling and proper attention. Try to meditate to calm inner conflicts.
scorpio daily horoscope
A balanced approach regarding a manpower management problem will help you sort out the matter. Steps that you take on the health front will certainly lead to perfect fitness. Your foresight and clarity about goals will help you steer the company in the right direction. Propose a fun outing or a romantic getaway to your lover. Being in the company of optimistic people will give you new insights. Some of you may be drawn to seek spiritual guidance.
sagittarius daily horoscope
Though progress has been slow and not rewarding on financial front, some news will bring happiness and boost your morale. Business decisions and investments need to be made very carefully, as speculation will only bring major losses. Close relative might make an unexpected visit bringing gifts and presents. These pleasant and memorable moments bring happiness and harmony at home. Your interest in religious and spiritual activities would make you seek divine knowledge.
capricorn daily horoscope
You may need to display your authority at work to get people in line. There is strength in numbers, so garner the support of others before raising an issue at work. Work will progress smoothly. Office is likely to become a fun place, as someone you like warms up to your romantic overtures! Becoming a couch potato can have dire repercussions for some on the health front. A sympathetic ear to spouse will help in venting his or her pent up feelings.
aquarius daily horoscope
Improvement in relationship with important and influential people would bring a change in your personality. Your confidence and determination would be upbeat and you are likely to win plenty of favours with your charms and pleasant personality. However deception from a close associate and losses due to hasty investment cannot be ruled out. Encourage children to spend their extra time with creative activities and sports. Spouse in a loving and caring mood banishes your troubles away.
pisces daily horoscope
Pending projects will be completed with the support from colleagues. Businessmen may be busy travelling while developing their network and contacts. Depressing thoughts vanish as a special friend or relative arrives to lift up your spirits. You can avoid confusion in family matters provided you are willing to listen to everyone. Attending a family do with lover in tow is not advisable as of now. Some tiff with a neighbor cannot be ruled out for some. Yoga could be a good stress-buster.