Vaastu Shastra has been divided into two parts:

 Deva Shilpa Vaastu Shastra: deals with the art and laws of constructing a temple and conducting religious activities, such as 'Yajna', idol worship, and so on.

 Manava Shilpa Vaastu Shastra: deals with the art and law of constructing homes, commercial and residential buildings, schools, and so on.

Vaastu Shastra is not a magic wand that would change things for you overnight. It is essentially a discipline that does effect your life, but in a phase of time, gradually. Vaastu bestows consolation in the times of trouble, tranquility at the times of misfortune, and gratification in the midst of anguish. What this knowledge serves as is the means of conveying peace, strength, comfort, and a sense of satisfaction, when an individual is undergoing tough times in life. It functions as the healing lotion to the wounds, agony, and imbalance caused by the world outside. This Shastra definitely manipulates the time and manner in which the events happen, but an individual's actions and destiny also play a major part in what that individual acquires, and eventually develops into. Therefore, Vaastu Shastra can be said to have some obligations. 

The effect of Vaastu Shastra fluctuates from one location to another. Besides, an individual at one location would achieve something different from another individual at the same location. This implies that effect of Vaastu Shastra is also different for different people. The positioning however matters for one and all. It is based on the numbers, ratios, and customs that enjoy harmony with the nature. Architectures that are designed considering the principles of Vaastu and the numerical calculations of 'Ayadi' (receiving more and spending less energy), influence an individual in three ways:

 Physical: pays attention to the space offered, required height, proper ventilation, colour, shapes, and good circulation. These things offer luxury to the inhabitants of that architecture.

 Psychological: sorts out the conflict, eases the pain, creates a feeling of delight and contentment, and also enhances the relationships of the inhabitants.

 Spiritual: stimulates awareness towards the meaning of life and death, insists the individual on moving on a path of dharma or righteousness and helps in establishing an undeviating connection between the individual and the Supreme Power.

The architecture that is built while taking into consideration the principles of Vaastu Shastra, makes the inhabitants' state of mind focused, keeps them healthier and happier even when they are actually passing through challenging phases of their lives. The inhabitants would always be full of energy and have a refresh mind that would come up with innovative ideas. They would be able to solve not only their own problems, but would also offer a helping hand to others around them.

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