Monthly Forecast for all Sunsigns

Lucky Number : 2
Lucky Color  : Cream
aries daily horoscope
The week looks to be hectic at work and distractions too will make it harder for you to concentrate on the tasks. You will need to do the balancing act on the professional front, so as not to fall foul of anyone. Plans may have to be reworked to make them more efficient. Maintain confidence regarding a property deal being negotiated by you. Sharing your innermost thoughts with someone close is not recommended at this juncture.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Light Yellow
taurus daily horoscope
Visiting a fun place is on the cards this month and promises much enjoyment. Changes initiated at home are likely to be welcomed by all. Be clear of your objective on the professional front. Your initiative in organising something on the social front will be highly appreciated by your near and dear ones. Putting in the required efforts in tackling all difficulties on the academic front will assume importance.
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Crimson
gemini daily horoscope
A responsibility given to you needs to be discharged in a befitting manner. Your professional stars are burning bright, so expect to excel in whatever you are engaged in at work. Options on the academic front will be to your liking. A workplace romance cannot be ruled out for some. Those feeling out of shape will be able to take some positive steps on the health front.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Turquoise
cancer daily horoscope
A new love interest enters your life, so expect some action-packed days ahead! On the work front, you will manage to keep your superiors in good humour. A wonderful time is foreseen to accelerate your stalled assignments. It is advisable to sort your love matters patiently and calmly. Your search for a suitable accommodation will get over soon. Something you have invested in may give expected returns.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : Electric Grey
leo daily horoscope
There is a good chance of making quick recovery for those suffering from an ailment. You will need to try your best to be judicious in your spending in order to conserve money. Coming back to your old routine is certain to give a boost to your health. Plans may be afoot to organize something at home. You will find partner more loving and emotionally supportive. Your love for travel may take you on a short trip.
Lucky Number : 18
Lucky Color  : Rose
virgo daily horoscope
You need to be secretive about what you are currently involved in. Those in real estate business are likely to strike it rich. A plane or train journey is on the cards for some and promises lots of fun. Romance may rear its pretty head at a least likely place and take you by surprise! Some additional perks can be expected by those in the private sector.
Lucky Number : 22
Lucky Color  : Indigo
libra daily horoscope
You will find yourself in control of things, both personally and professionally. Helpful attitude and your way with people are likely to ensure your popularity on the social front. Clarity of thought and foresight will help save money. Marriage of someone in the family promises to become a reality, as a suitable match is found. You will love all the attention bestowed upon you on the romantic front.
Lucky Number : 6
Lucky Color  : Coffee
scorpio daily horoscope
You are likely to remain in a romantic mood this month. Your performance at work will remain up to the mark. Your workout regimen will prove adequate in bringing you in shape. Peace and quiet on the domestic front will afford you an opportunity to let your hair down and relax. Intimate moments with the one you love will help strengthen your loving bonds.
Lucky Number : 2
Lucky Color  : Cream
sagittarius daily horoscope
You may get peace on the romantic front, as things move most satisfactorily. Changes happening on the work front will prove favourable. Your talents are likely to come to fore and get you the accolades. Winning brownie points by honouring a commitment made on the social front will be much appreciated by all. You are likely to remain fit by becoming conscious on the health front.
Lucky Number : 11
Lucky Color  : Yellow
capricorn daily horoscope
The more you get involved in a task, the more others will bank on you, so take your call. Paying the booking amount for a property is possible and will take you a step closer to having your own roof over your head. Steering clear of junk food will be a step in the right direction that restores good health. Your travel stars look bright. Something you submit at work is likely to come in for all round praise.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Peach
aquarius daily horoscope
You are likely to find yourself more orderly and methodical in something that is steadily gaining importance in your life. Excellent opportunities are foreseen on the professional front. Your mastery in your field on the academic front will enable you to come out with flying colours. Romantic life is likely to be more happening, than before, so rejoice! Health remains satisfactory.
Lucky Number : 18
Lucky Color  : Purple
pisces daily horoscope
Enjoying a romantic interlude during your busy schedule is on the cards this month. Your assumptions and projections on the professional front will prove correct and add to your reputation. Overcoming difficulties on the academic front will be easy, as you get down to solving them proactively. Your efforts to remain socially in will not go wasted. Exceeding the budget is possible, so be careful.