Monthly Forecast for all Sunsigns

Lucky Number : 9
Lucky Color  : Cream
aries daily horoscope
Those new on the job may settle down in a new environment very well. Some of you are likely to take the possession of a house or an apartment. A comfortable journey to a distant place is in the offing for some. Some of you may have to justify your actions on the work front to superiors. Getting introduced to someone charming is a possibility. You may donate money for a cause close to your heart.
Lucky Number : 18
Lucky Color  : Coffee
taurus daily horoscope
Those working out with the aim of building their body are likely to succeed. An innovative idea or an improvement at workplace is likely to give you the recognition you seek. Some domestic issues may get resolved this month. Financial problems of those in business are set to grow. Your choice of outing may meet the expectation of the family members. This is the perfect month to impress lover.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : Metallic Blue
gemini daily horoscope
You may have to project a positive picture on the social front to get what you want. Putting together an event can have its share of hassles, but it will prove to be a success. This is an auspicious month for those who thinking of starting a new business. Honour, prestige and dignity, will be all yours during this period. You will enjoy your work and go to the depth of any project that you undertake.
Lucky Number : 2
Lucky Color  : Baby Pink
cancer daily horoscope
A whole new class of opportunities will open for you which bring lot of income. Promotional prospects brighten for some in their present job. After a period of uncertainty, the domestic front shows sign of becoming stable. A challenging assignment can find you in your element and raring to go. An outing, planned carefully, may turn out to be quite fun-filled.
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Green
leo daily horoscope
There is a possibility of catching the eye of the one you love, but were afraid to speak to. Parents or a family member is likely to breathe down your neck and may monitor your actions closely. Students stumbling on the academic front will need to steady themselves now. Some of you will be able to put in your best to achieve your dreams. Good routine will help you keep good health.
Lucky Number : 4
Lucky Color  : Dark Slate Grey
virgo daily horoscope
You are likely to receive a compliment from the one you secretly admire. Your enjoyment of an outing with friends will be doubled as someone else foots the bill! Good earning avenues appear on the horizon. Going down the memory lane with an old relative will prove immensely fulfilling. You will be able to overcome depressing thoughts and negative feelings. You will find easy to express love to someone special.
Lucky Number : 3
Lucky Color  : Saffron
libra daily horoscope
Expect some good loving care from spouse this month. Domestic front will be serene and peaceful. It seems you have bitten more than you can chew on the work front. This is likely to add to your workload and force you into extra time. Something started on the side is likely to earn good profits. Peak physical fitness will find outdoor sports enthusiasts go all out. Energy supplements can come in handy.
Lucky Number : 8
Lucky Color  : Lavender
scorpio daily horoscope
Your financial situation improves by leaps and bounds. Professionally, you are likely to get what you seek. Showcasing your talents to those who matter will get you places. You are likely to adopt a fitness routine to come back in shape. A property division will be to everyones satisfaction. Youngsters can organize a do at home and make the domestic front lively.
Lucky Number : 22
Lucky Color  : Indigo
sagittarius daily horoscope
A change you had been contemplating on the work front is likely to come into effect soon. The market offers a fifty-fifty chance to those playing the stocks. It will take some doing to see an ambitious project get off the ground to a successful conclusion. A person you are suspicious of needs to be kept under close observation. A new diet regime may suit you and helps you to maintain good shape.
Lucky Number : 9
Lucky Color  : Magenta
capricorn daily horoscope
Your financial situation looks bright and is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. A rocking romantic period is on the cards for some. Hectic professional life is likely to keep you busy, but entertained. Preparing for an important exam will take up most of your time, but your preparation will be worth the effort. Adopting a disciplined life and change in lifestyle will help in restoring energy and health.
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Parrot Green
aquarius daily horoscope
Someone is likely to provide you full support and speak up for you. You will settle for nothing less than five-star ambience on a vacation. You may get invited to a party or function in your official capacity. An old flame may approach you for renewing the association, so keep your fingers crossed. Involving yourself wholeheartedly in a project at work will make worries disappear.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : White
pisces daily horoscope
Any ill will harboured against those you dont like will disappear as they extend the olive branch. You are likely to exceed the expectations of seniors at work. Your sharp intellect is likely to impress those around. Maintaining a happy balance of diet and exercise will take care of all your health problems. A love-at-first-sight situation can arise for some.