Monthly Forecast for all Sunsigns

Lucky Number : 5
Lucky Color  : All Shades of Green
aries daily horoscope
You are likely to find yourself in a monetarily profitable situation. A pat on the back can be expected by some at work. You can bank upon someone?s unconditional support on the social front. Travel related to work will be possible. You are likely to hit out with someone on the romantic front, who shares your ideas and tastes or may spend quality time with your lover.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : Light Grey
taurus daily horoscope
Good yields from property and investments will see you prosperous. Preparation for an event will be in full swing, as you eagerly enjoy participating in it. You are likely to fare well in your efforts on the academic front. A competitive situation on the work front will tilt in your favor. Money will not be a problem with increased earning. You remain fit as a fiddle through your own efforts.
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Peach
gemini daily horoscope
You may take the initiative of organizing a family gathering. Socially, you will find yourself interacting much more with others than before. A whirlwind romance that some of you are enjoying may be taken to the next level. Visiting a tourist destination is foretold and will prove most interesting. Doing up the house is likely to give homemakers a sense of immense satisfaction.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Magenta
cancer daily horoscope
It will be a favourable month in matters of profession as many good developments will be seen. Domestic issues will get settled. Shrewd investments will help you add to your wealth. The month may present many options before you on the academic front. Maintaining a simple lifestyle will not pose much difficulty, as you have resolved to stay healthy.
Lucky Number : 3
Lucky Color  : Purple
leo daily horoscope
Young lovers are likely to enjoy total bliss. Desire for change from the daily grind may motivate you for a short vacation. Returns from property will be as per your expectations. It will be in your interest to remain neutral in a social situation and let somebody else take the initiative. Something important at work needs to be completed fast. Attempts to be one up on a professional rival may succeed.
Lucky Number : 8
Lucky Color  : Lavender
virgo daily horoscope
Remaining in the shadows will not help, you will need to step out and play an active role. Someone introduced to you on the social front can become your love interest, so keep your fingers crossed! This is a good month to spend time with family members and have some enjoyable memories. Shifting to a new residence is indicated for some and will prove a welcome change.
Lucky Number : 7
Lucky Color  : Golden
libra daily horoscope
Clinching a deal will depend upon your negotiating skills, so give it your best shot. You will have to bring some stability in your family life by spending more time together and resolving issues. More efforts on the fitness front may be required to retain good health. You are likely to spend a quality time with your lover. A property matter may be taken up.
Lucky Number : 4
Lucky Color  : Sky Blue
scorpio daily horoscope
Working smart on the professional front promises to give your career a boost. Those in a long-term relationship may tie the knot. A celebration on the family front cannot be ruled out and may prove most exciting. Driving around for fun is likely to give youngster oodles of joy. A healthy bank balance is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood on the financial front.
Lucky Number : 6
Lucky Color  : Coffee
sagittarius daily horoscope
It is best to restrain yourself where food is concerned, as you may choose the wrong ones and play with your health. An exciting vacation is in the offing for some. Good news on the property front can be expected. Your professional prestige is likely to get a boost this month. Difficulties faced on the academic front by some are set to ease soon. Better profits can be expected in a venture on the business front.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Light Yellow
capricorn daily horoscope
Those in search for a suitable accommodation may find luck favoring them. Mounting work pressure will cause much concern but will be handled well.You seem set to take romance to the next level. Chances of getting involved in organizing something special cannot be ruled out. Career matters will need to be accorded importance they deserve.
Lucky Number : 7
Lucky Color  : Peach
aquarius daily horoscope
Help of those around you are likely to take the burden off your shoulders. Spending time with the one you love is indicated and promises much excitement. You need to pay attention to your health to keep fit. Keeping good relations with co-workers will be important, if you want things to proceed smoothly at work. Resorting to short cuts on the work front is risky, so desist from it.
Lucky Number : 5
Lucky Color  : Lavender
pisces daily horoscope
Some recognition may come your way at work from people who matter. This is a good month to take up pending matters pertaining to property. Your efforts to cement a romantic relationship will prove most rewarding. Fortunate chances to acquire a house or an apartment may soon be possible. You need to avoid consuming fast food or junk food to enjoy good health.