Know Your Lucky Gemstone

Types of Gemstones

Organic Gemstones :: Organic gemstones have their origin either from plants or from animals. Like natural Pearls form around foreign bodies that have made their way inside the shells of marine or freshwater shellfish. Cultured pearls are produced artificially in large fisheries, many in the shallow waters off the seashores. Shells, which are regarded as gems, may come from animals as diverse as snails and turtles, living in the ocean, in fresh water or on land. Coral is made up of the skeletons of tiny marine animals called Coral Polyps. Bone or Ivory from the teeth or tusks of mammals, may come from recently living animals or from fossils thousands of years old. Amber is fossilized tree resin, collected from soft sediments or the sea. Jet is fossilized wood, found in some sedimentary rocks.

Synthetic Gemstones :: Synthetic gemstones are made in laboratories or factories, not in rocks. They virtually have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural gemstones and consequently their optical and physical properties are very similar. However, they can usually be identified by the difference in the inclusions in them. Many types of gems have been synthesized but only a few are produced commercially, generally for scientific or industrial use.

Because of the way the synthetic gems are made, they show subtle differences in shape and colour that help to distinguish them from their natural counterparts. Similarly, the synthetic gems have inclusions, which are different from the natural inclusions. The experts can identify them and distinguish.