Know Your Lucky Gemstone


Prescription on the basis of First letter of the Name
In this system the gemstones are prescribed on the basis of the first letter of the name of the person as per Indian sound of pronunciation of that letter. The system gives very indifferent results and is not very popular. The reason is that, in modern times the names are not given on the basis of the astrological consultations by people and the prescription of a gemstone may not be in tune with the actual horoscope of the native. The table below gives the bird's eye view of details of the system
Gem (images) Gemstones First Letter of Name Lord of Sign/Sign
Red Coral Choo, chey, cho, laa, lee, loo, ley, low, aa Mars / Aries
Diamond Ee, oo, ey, o, vaa, vee, voo, vey, vo Venus / Taurus
Emerald Kaa, kee, koo, ghau, dau,chhau,ke,ko,haa Mercury / Gemini
Pearl Hee,hoo,hey,ho,ddaa,ddee,ddoo,ddey,ddo,aa Moon / Cancer
Ruby Maa,mee,moo,mey,mo,ttaa,ttee,ttoo,ttey Sun / Leo
Emerald Tto,paa,pee,po,poo,pey,shshau,nnhau,tthau Mercury / Virgo
Diamond Raa,ree,roo,rey,ro,thaa,thee,thoo,tey Venus / Libra
Red Coral Tho,naa,nee,noo,ney,no,yaa,yee Mars / Scorpio
Yellow Sapphire Yey,yo,bhaa,bhee,bhoo,dhau,phaa,ddaa,bhey Jupiter / Sagittarius
Blue Sapphire Bho,jaa,jee,khee,khoo,khey,kho,gaa,gee Saturn / Capricorn
Blue Sapphire Goo,gey,go,saa,see,loo,ley,low,aa Saturn / Aquarius
Yellow Sapphire Dhee,dhoo,thaw,jhaw,bhaw,dhey.chaa,chee Jupiter / Pisces