Know Your Lucky Gemstone


Prescription on the basis of 'Janma Nakshatra'-the 'Birth Constellation'
In this system the prescription is based on the constellation (Nakshatra) rising at the time of birth. This system in practice has been used for prescribing gemstones with amazing accuracy. But at times it does not give desired results as this system also ignores other astrological factors during the process of prescription of stones to a native. The table below shows in ready reckoner form this system of prescription.
Gemstones (images) Name of Gemstones Ruling Planet Nakshatra
Cat's Eye Ketu Aswini
Diamond Venus Bharni
Ruby Sun Krittika
Pearl Moon Rohini
Red Coral Marss Mrigshira
Hessonite Rahu Adra
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Punarvasu
Blue Sapphire Saturn Puhsyami
Emerald Mercury Ashlesha
Cat's Eye Ketu Magha
Diamond Venus Poorva Phalguni
Ruby Sun Uttra Phalguni
Pearl Moon Hasta
Red Coral Mars Chitra
Hessonite Rahu Swati
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Vishaka
Blue Sapphire Saturn Anuradha
Emerald Mercury Jyeshta
Cat's Eye Ketu Moola
Diamond Venus Poorvashada
Ruby Sun Uttarashda
Pearl Moon Sravana
Red Coral Mars Dhanishta
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Poorv Bhadrapad
Blue Sapphire Saturn Uttra Bhadrapad
Emerald Mercury Revathi