Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Turquoise
aries daily horoscope
You may be doing more damage than good in moulding someone to your way of thinking. Today, a good time is foreseen in the company of those you like. At work, you will succeed in impressing superiors by stage-managing your performance. Romantic opportunities may not materialise on their own, so seek them out. Price may become a deterrent in purchasing an expensive item, so start saving now.
Lucky Number : 11
Lucky Color  : Pink
taurus daily horoscope
Positive thinking will keep you in a happy demeanour. It is best not to remain dependent on others for emotional support. You have the potential to maintain an edge over others at work, so give it your all. Chances of getting under the spotlight on the academic front cannot be ruled out. This is the time to consolidate your gains on the financial front. Health may need care.
Lucky Number : 22
Lucky Color  : Indigo
gemini daily horoscope
It is best not to linger on a problem for too long, if you are unable to solve it yourself. Take help from others. Certain developments on the family front may not be desirable, so take steps to bring normalcy. Those new on the job will manage to create a niche for themselves on the professional front. Your networking skills may come in handy today.
Lucky Number : 3
Lucky Color  : Purple
cancer daily horoscope
Focus on whatever is being pointed out to you for self-improvement. Today, you will do well to complete everything that is pending. Making your mark on the academic front may take some doing, but you will manage it and how! An event coming up on the family front promises to keep you happily engaged. Your romantic feelings are likely to get reciprocated by the one you love.
Lucky Number : 5
Lucky Color  : Parrot Green
leo daily horoscope
Meeting someone close after a long time may soon be possible. You will need to be at your best on the professional front today. Those preparing for something important on the academic front may gain a lot from experienced people. An additional income that you are banking on may take some more time to materialise. Work on your relationship to make it stronger. You remain healthy.
Lucky Number : 2
Lucky Color  : Light Grey
virgo daily horoscope
Something said in jest may hurt you, but dont read too much into it. Today, you may not enjoy an outing with friends or relations for reasons best known to you. Someone out to take advantage of you may need to be shown his or her place. You will manage to put in concerted efforts for an exam or competition. Remain alert on the academic front today.
Lucky Number : 18
Lucky Color  : White
libra daily horoscope
Dont let your performance at work suffer and regain lost ground by making extra efforts. You may become unnecessarily stern in a family matter. Use your judgement in a situation, instead of banking on others. You may become answerable to someone on the academic front, because of your actions. Health becomes important at this juncture, so avoid excesses. Become more conservative on the financial front.
Lucky Number : 8
Lucky Color  : Beige
scorpio daily horoscope
Certain unavoidable circumstances may hold you back from giving your best on the academic front. If you go out of your way to help someone, don?t expect anything in return. Your performance at work remains satisfactory. Those planning to buy a major item would do well to work out their monthly budget and then decide. Someone?s suggestion is likely to come in handy to come back in shape.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : Green
sagittarius daily horoscope
You think most competently, but turning your ideas into action leaves much to be desired. Work on getting rid of this anomaly. An excellent opportunity may come out of the blue on the academic front. You can be at the receiving end of someone?s bad mood today, so dont take it to heart. Dont lose sight of basic courtesies in your attempt to remain on the forefront.
Lucky Number : 4
Lucky Color  : Yellow
capricorn daily horoscope
It is easy to pin blame on others for your own failings. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Your desire for an exciting time is likely to be fulfilled today. Spending quality time with the one you love is possible. A much awaited job may come your way on the professional front. Winning a lottery or gaining through inheritance is a distinct possibility for some.
Lucky Number : 9
Lucky Color  : Lemon
aquarius daily horoscope
Pressure is likely to increase on the professional front, but dont succumb to it. You will have to be at your best to thwart the competition on the academic front. Previous investments may start giving good returns now. Someone may motivate you to shake a leg to remain in shape. Favourable progress in a matter on the family front will keep you mentally at ease.
Lucky Number : 7
Lucky Color  : Light Red
pisces daily horoscope
An important responsibility may be given to you at work, so handle it competently. This is a good time to start something you had been contemplating for long. You succeed in making the domestic atmosphere light and friendly. Insulating yourself from stress will help in giving your best on the academic front. A lucrative investment opportunity is likely to come your way, so take the plunge.