Date - July 22
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 General Traits:

Ruled by number 4 and planet Uranus and supported by Mercury also, you are cool headed lad and jolts everybody mind by your intellectual way of talking. You are difficult to please but some of your friends find the way to get you. You are likely to get a friend who might ring the marriage bells on your door. Every night is followed by a day is what you have to believe in. Your effort will ignite a ray of hope to end all your worries. Source of income itself comes to you but you need to grab the opportunity also. You always believe in taking decision on the spot, a bit of delay and your temperature will be like Delhiís summer. Your grilling attitude makes you a deep thinker. You tend to go to the root of the problem and then sort it out. You always display a character that is optimistic and positive in your life. Avoid sitting idle as idle mind is devilís abode. Serenity is high on your cards which takes you a ride on some peaceful and exotic trip with your family. Donít count your chicken before they hatch is what is your motto of your life. Prosperous months: July, December, February and May.

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