Date - February 25
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 General Traits:

Influenced by number 7 and the planet Neptune, you are ambitious, independent, sincere and an energetic person. You are highly enterprising and have an in-built talent to impress others, but you need to check your tendency to behave moody, reckless and impatient at times. This year your financial condition would improve, as you would benefit from past investments. New business ventures would prove quite lucrative. Improved finances will make you spend more on luxuries and other living comforts. You would change your perception of love this year, as you would tend to be more secretive and keep many things to yourself only. Your relationship will lack the trust it normally did, which might create problems at times. Health would be matter of concern, and preventive medication should not be ignored at any cost. The months of June, September, December and February will be important.

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