Date - May 28
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 General Traits:

Controlled by number 1 and the planet Sun, affectionate, earnest and industrious are your characteristics. People will look at you with respect and deference. You will not only enthrall the audience but make them spellbound. Loyal to your work and audacious attempt is what makes you to hit the new frontiers. Be mindful towards your hasteness and capricious attribute. Be proactive and change the ambience of the professional life as per your requirement to increase your overall productivity. Meetings with world renowned delegates will be on your hit list. Now you will be in position to save for your future also. You will enjoy to be in the company of your spouse. Romance will take you to seventh heaven and you will forget all your worries. You strongly believe in God and might soon experience a visit to many sacred places. Interior designing and buildings will attract your attention. Full of events and happiness would be the month of September, December and May.

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