Order for Pooja Hawan and Aarti

Complete Navratra Pooja Vidhi

It is said that Pooja done in Navratra holds special significance as the mantras recited during these days carry nine times more power than any other day. Navratri is dedicated to special Pooja for Nav Durga to bless us for lifetime and help us remove all obstacles in life.

Before the Pooja is performed; there are several rituals that need to be done in order to active ate the energies to spiritually connect you with the Almighty and bless you with immediate results.

1. Pavitra dharanam and prarthana

The participants of the hawan pray for the cleansing of their bodies by saying specific mantras.

2. Achamanam and siromarjanam

Water is taken in the cavity of the right palm and sipped 3 times enchanting the holy names of Lord Vishnu.This procedure is to cleanse the body, mind and soul.The mantra chanted means "whatever the condition of my body, sacred or not, by chanting your divine names I sanctify my body in order to receive auspicious energies".

3. Sthala shuddhi

Musterd seeds are sprinkled in the eight directions to ward off evil and invoke positive energies at the place decided to perform Pooja; mainly the Poojastal or Mandir at our home. Then, with the chanting of mantras, devas and divine sages are invited to the prayer.

4. Sankalp

The entire pooja depends on the sankalp or the strong will of the devotee. This sankalpa mantra is a very clear declaration stating "according to indian solar calander in this particular year(----)in this month(----) on this day of the brighter/darker stage of the moon at a time when this particular constellation is ruling I am performing this particular prayer to invoke and please this deity under the guidance of Sri Hari Vishnu bhagwan,for this individual/family who is born under the sign of the zodiac and ruled by this nakshatra.

5. Ganapathi pooja

Ganesh Ji is always worshipped in the beginning of any ritual for his blessings to ensure that the whole procedure will move smoothly unhindered by external obstacles. This is called shodashopachara pooja.

6. Kalasha pooja

A coconut is placed over a mouth of a kalash and surrounded by 5 mango leaves. It is decorated with flower garlands and a cloth is draped over it. It signifies Brahman, Vishnu and Mahesh. Another significane is that it absorbs all the positive energies generated during the prayer. This water becomes charged with all divine energies and has immense healing powers.

To know more details about performing this Pooja on your own; Please download the following pdf which comprises of a few details and mantras to be recited to please Maa Durga.

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