Weekly Forecast for all Sunsigns

From 04-12-2016 To 10-12-2016
aries daily horoscope
An expected raise or bonus is on the cards for some. Praise from your worst critic can act as a shot in the arm. You will be able to raise the capital to get your pet project on the tracks. Homemakers will be able to balance the home budget admirably. An aggravated condition of those unwell will show definite signs of improvement. A love affair is likely to give some supreme happiness.
taurus daily horoscope
Chances of facing hurdles on the professional front cannot be ruled out for some, but they will be overcome with least efforts. It is best not to harbour the thoughts of getting even with someone who has done you wrong, as it will only keep you mentally tensed. You can annoy spouse or lover by your laid back attitude. Elderís advice will prove valuable and help you to come out of a fix.
gemini daily horoscope
An evening out with family will prove immensely enjoyable. Those residing abroad can feel homesick and depressed. Architects, engineers and lawyers will find the week profitable and fulfilling. Those seeking leave for a vacation will find the going smooth. Students may heave a sigh of relief and enjoy themselves. Those thinking of buying property can find some good bargains. This is the time to consolidate on your savings.
cancer daily horoscope
Your sensitivity in handling a situation at work will enhance your reputation in the eyes of subordinates. Tranquility on the domestic front is assured for those needing to let their hair down. The week seems profitable as you gain from a previous investment. The one who has a soft corner for you is likely to approach you soon. You are likely to find yourself fit and energetic this week.
leo daily horoscope
The week does not augur well for the salaried as they can get on the wrong side of people who matter. Some misunderstanding over a trivial issue with spouse can flare up on the domestic front. Newlyweds or those newly in love will enjoy total bliss. You will need to keep expenses within limits in a new project. This is a good week for youngsters to organise a trip or a picnic.
virgo daily horoscope
You are needlessly worrying about a loved one and unnecessarily getting tensed, so relax. This is a favourable week for setting out on a leisure trip. Support expected from colleagues may not be readily forthcoming. Chance of meeting an old school time crush is very much on the cards for some. This is the time to save money, so put brakes on unnecessary expenditure. Poor students need to pull up their socks.
libra daily horoscope
It is best not to reveal your innermost feelings to others as this can make you emotionally vulnerable. A family member may become a cause for concern and can push you to the limit. Seniors are likely to punch holes in a job you thought was well done. You can face problems in raising a loan, but donít leave any avenues untapped. Partying with lover will help you unwind and relax.
scorpio daily horoscope
You can resent being assigned a personal task by a superior at work, but donít show any reservations in carrying it out. Expenditure can only be brought under control by curbing overspending. A family get-together will give you the opportunity to meet some new relatives you had not met before. Time is ripe for popping the question to your beloved. Donít take any chances on the health front this week.
sagittarius daily horoscope
The week promises a lot of excitement on the domestic front. Visiting friends and relatives cannot be ruled out for some. Solid gains are seen for those with romantic inclinations. Those feeling unwell of late will be able to tread the path to fitness very soon. Scientists and researchers will be able to complete their projects well within the deadline. Earning on the side is likely to improve finances for some.
capricorn daily horoscope
You may not succeed in something you had been hoping to accomplish this week. A family member can make you mentally upset over an issue that had been simmering for long. Some more wait is in store for students aiming for a particular institute or university. It is best not take a colleague into confidence over a confidential matter. Those in show business may receive more brickbats than bouquets!
aquarius daily horoscope
You are likely to come out victorious in a competitive situation. Your foresight is likely to see your assets and wealth increase manifold. A lot is happening on the home front, so expect some exciting time ahead! New friendships are on the anvil that can turn into long term relationships. There is every possibility of getting romantically involved with someone close. Giving rest to the digestive system will work wonders!
pisces daily horoscope
This is not the time to slacken off on the work front as you can be watched closely by seniors. Delegating authority for a function will ease the burden off your shoulders. A piece of good news awaits you on the domestic front. It is best not to take any chances on speculation as you stand to lose. Choosing the best from several health options may confuse you.