Weekly Forecast for all Sunsigns

From 16-10-2016 To 22-10-2016
aries daily horoscope
This is a good time to review your performance. You can meet someone who will help you learn the ropes on the legal front. Those playing the stocks stand to gain substantially. You may find your relationship going nowhere, but it will not be the end of the road. Travelling tips may come in handy for those going abroad on vacation. Good eating habits will have a positive impact on health.
taurus daily horoscope
Workload can bog you down. Things may go over the head of those learning new subjects. You are likely to become popular in your social circle. Peer pressure will be successfully countered as you manage to hold your own. An advice of someone close will come in handy in retrieving a situation. Love at first sight can happen, but it may just be infatuation. Wealth is likely to come to you.
gemini daily horoscope
A business meeting will turn out to be immensely promising. Young entrepreneurs will manage to establish themselves on the professional front. Someone is likely to look up to you for help. You can become a role model for some youngsters. Domestic responsibilities will be taken care of by delegating them to family members. A health spa is likely to provide rest, relaxation and total peace of mind. You remain busy this week.
cancer daily horoscope
You are likely to reap rich benefits of a wise professional move. Proximity to the boss will help you step into the inner circle. Family life will cruise along smoothly and give you time for rest and recoup. Money from an unexpected source will come to you shortly. You will manage to revive your flagging love life. Perfect fitness will be yours for the asking. Travelling towards the east is auspicious.
leo daily horoscope
You are set to expand your circle of influence. Professionals will need to think out of the box to increase clientele. Publicity can do wonders to your image, but choose the right people for it. A family youngster studying abroad may spend sometime back home. You will need to be more trusting of people; not everyone is out to fleece you. Neglect may again make health an issue for you.
virgo daily horoscope
You are likely to take someoneís help in managing your finances. An initiative taken at work sometime back will start getting results. Those seeking employment are likely to impress the interviewer adequately to land a job. A positive development on the family front can be expected. New friends and a new heartthrob are likely for some. Cool environs of a hill station may beckon some. Health remains satisfactory.
libra daily horoscope
You cannot ask for a better opportunity to grab a contract. A lucrative assignment can bring you within reach of excellent profits. Some of you are likely to get rich remuneration for your creative talents. A religious ceremony is likely to awaken your spiritual side. Homemakers will find ready volunteers for a task on the home front. Someone who takes an unusual interest in you can attract you.
scorpio daily horoscope
You will need to take all the options into account before making an important decision at work. Some of you can lag behind others in meeting a deadline. You are likely to enjoy yourself thoroughly in a family get-together. Partner is likely to share your romantic feelings to make the week most fulfilling. Some of you can think on the lines of buying a new vehicle. Some healthy changes are foreseen.
sagittarius daily horoscope
You are likely to win over people who matter on the professional front. An invitation to a marriage or party may be received by some. You are likely to get a chance to enjoy all by yourself at home. Some of you will need to rethink their investment options. Romance is likely to be placed in neutral gear as you have more important issues to attend to! Health remains satisfactory.
capricorn daily horoscope
Your subtle attempts to malign someone will not succeed. In fact, your own credibility can come under the scanner. Superior at work will need results on ground and not just hot air. An unguarded moment can make you touch your savings for a thing that is not urgent. Your mind may be full of negative thoughts about someone or something. You can count on partnerís support. Health needs care.
aquarius daily horoscope
Tying up business with pleasure may not be the best arrangement. Some of you can get fed up of listening to the advice or moral lectures of a family senior. You may show a happy face to the world, but only you know what you are going through internally. Chances of losing patience on the domestic front cannot be ruled out for some. Financially, you may make yourself even more secure.
pisces daily horoscope
Something you want done may not find approval of someone close. You can be entrusted with the task of making some harsh decisions at work. It is time to review your relationships and work towards strengthening them, even if you donít want to. You will need to realise your responsibility towards a family elder. An opposite number is likely to send romantic overtures. Be careful of what you eat and drink.