Sagittarius Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope by
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

You are going to accomplish new heights this year. After the month of January, there will be a steep rise in your professional life. Care should be taken to avoid hassle with authority figures during last quarter of this year. All those hardships you faced in family life may prolong for some time, but you will ultimately land in happiness. By the middle of this year, there is a chance for you to accumulate some ancestral wealth from family whereas some of you can also expect a hike in their salary. After the month of March, there is a chance to meet your overseas dream. During the last quarter of this year, there is a chance to buy a vehicle or house.

Lucky Months: February, May, July, October
Lucky Totka: Make sure there are no dead or broken electrical appliances lying at home this year. Get them repaired immediately!
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