Monthly Forecast for all Sunsigns

Lucky Number : 2
Lucky Color  : Violet
aries daily horoscope
This is a good period to go in for an investment that promises to turn lucrative and bring in good money. By opting to workout in a gym, rather than on your own, you will be able to remain slim and trim. Teaming up against someone may be in your interest. An opportunity on the business front may prove beneficial in future. On the academic front, you will be able to keep up with studies.
Lucky Number : 3
Lucky Color  : Coffee
taurus daily horoscope
Financially, you are likely to find yourself in a strong position. You will have enough to purchase a major household item. Joining a gym or starting an exercise regimen cannot be ruled out for those aiming at perfect figure and physique. Something that you are apprehensive about at work is certain to turn out favourable. You may attend a party or social gatherings so be ready to have an enjoyable month.
Lucky Number : 17
Lucky Color  : Green
gemini daily horoscope
Socially, you are likely to remain active and make a lot of new acquaintances. Moneywise, you will find yourself much more secure now, than before. On the work front, you will get the chance to display your skills and efficiency to higher ups. Romantic thoughts may dominate your mind, so expect an enjoyable time with your mate. Reciprocate in full measure.
Lucky Number : 4
Lucky Color  : Sky Blue
cancer daily horoscope
This proves to be a special month for you, when you impress one and all. Partying with someone special is possible and will be lots of fun. With increasing footfalls, retailers will be able to do brisk business. A short journey promises to remain hassle-free and will enable you to do your job unhindered. Possibility of acquiring property cannot be ruled out.
Lucky Number : 18
Lucky Color  : Indigo
leo daily horoscope
Going the extra mile for someone may make you feel good from the inside. Meeting the boss at work means a few more jobs in your in-tray, so take your call! Certain kinks may need to be smoothened on the academic front for things to start looking better. Romance is likely to sweep you off your feet! For those seeking love, a happy situation is indicated on the romantic front.
Lucky Number : 1
Lucky Color  : Light Green
virgo daily horoscope
You will need to draw the attention of someone influential, if you want a favour. Property owned by you is likely to add to your prestige on the social front. Your analytical prowess is likely to make you a perfect candidate for an important project or assignment on the professional front. Your attempts at a more active life will help you remain in shape.
Lucky Number : 15
Lucky Color  : Peach
libra daily horoscope
Someone may keep you guessing at work, so it is best to wait and watch. On the professional front keep a low profile to avoid any clashes. You are likely to multiply your money by investing in a lucrative scheme. Changes brought in your lifestyle will lead you on the path to attaining holistic health. You are likely to earn much goodwill by discharging a professional commitment.
Lucky Number : 5
Lucky Color  : Bottle Green
scorpio daily horoscope
Get set for a thrilling time this month, as you get the VIP treatment! You may find those around you heaping words of praise on you. Your apprehension about something is likely to be laid to rest, as it meets your expectations. A family gathering is in the pipeline and will prove most enjoyable. Be choosy in what you eat to retain good health.
Lucky Number : 9
Lucky Color  : Purple
sagittarius daily horoscope
This is a good month to get socially in, as people will be more receptive to you. Desire to own a property that you have taken a fancy too may turn in becoming a reality. Some of you may undergo a refresher or advanced course on the professional front. You may be entirely satisfied by the outcome on the academic front, as some more opportunities are in the pipeline.
Lucky Number : 22
Lucky Color  : Cream
capricorn daily horoscope
You may get appreciation and good results on academic front. Organizing something on the social front can keep you happily engaged. At work, your good performance is likely to bring you into the notice of higher ups. Deriving maximum pleasure from an outing with family cannot be ruled out. Young couples are likely to enjoy a blissful phase of life. Financial problems are set to end.
Lucky Number : 8
Lucky Color  : Parrot Green
aquarius daily horoscope
Making new clients is possible for professionals. Profits accrue for those involved in business or trade. You will be able to secure a lucrative job by overcoming stiff competition. Chances of getting admission in a foreign university cannot be ruled out for some. Landing in the promotion zone will be adequate reward for remaining consistent and earning good reports at work.
Lucky Number : 3
Lucky Color  : Lavender
pisces daily horoscope
Some of you can expect to be honored in a social function. A business venture is likely to make good money for some businesspersons. You will be able to achieve the figure and physique you desire by taking expert guidance. Buying something major for the house is possible. Inspect all your ventures time and again and invest within your wards to take the benefits of regional schemes.