Leo Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope by
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

Things that weren’t accomplished in the previous year can get fulfilled in this year. All your health issues will get rectified and you are going to enjoy excellent health all through this year. There may be financial issues in the month of May or February; so it is advisable to maintain your bank balance or arrange for some backup on good will during that phase. Things may also not be too easy on the professional front during the second quarter of this year but you can manage to come through all those challenges. You would need to make good efforts to maintain a fulfilling and happy love and family life. Those who are willing to travel abroad will get their chance this year. There is a greater opportunity to invest in property.

Lucky Months: January,March,August, September
Lucky Totka: Avoid gifting or accepting any sharp edged or metal gift items this year!
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