Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Lucky Number :  15
Lucky Color  :  Parrot Green
aries daily horoscope
It is better to amicably resolve any differences you have with others. Asking for more time may become a necessity in completing what remains unfinished at work. This seems an excellent day for those having romantic inclinations. An enjoyable outing is on the cards for some. Giving your best in a tough competition is a foregone conclusion. Today, dont get on the wrong side of partner.
Lucky Number :  22
Lucky Color  :  Violet
taurus daily horoscope
You will do well to improve your standing on the professional front. Overstepping your brief regarding a task may cause problems, so remain within the given limits. A feeling of inadequacy afflicts you on the academic front, find out why. Difficulties are foreseen in finding a suitable life partner for the eligible. Dont get emotionally blackmailed by anyone. Try and become fitter by joining a gym.
Lucky Number :  5
Lucky Color  :  Light Green
gemini daily horoscope
Success is foretold in your current endeavour. Learn to take responsibility, whether it is professional or domestic front. Mending fences with a rival will be a step in the right direction. Start preparing now for an upcoming exam or competition. Stability on the financial front will come as a big relief for some. Those suffering from any kind of allergy will need to take extra precautions.
Lucky Number :  11
Lucky Color  :  Pink
cancer daily horoscope
Look for better opportunities on the professional front, if satisfaction eludes you in your current job. Your need to assert yourself at home may remain a distant dream, but dont give up on it. Your desire to bring a change in your daily routine may prove good for your health. A profitable time is foreseen for those in tourism and hospitality sectors. Things turn favourable for those in love.
Lucky Number :  7
Lucky Color  :  Golden Brown
leo daily horoscope
Your insistent of something may sound unreasonable to others, so give it a rethink instead of becoming stubborn. At work, hectic time is about to start, so pull up your socks. Marriage of the eligible in the family is on the cards. This is a good day to pursue matters pertaining to a new venture. You get a chance to invest in a financially sound scheme.
Lucky Number :  6
Lucky Color  :  Peach
virgo daily horoscope
If you distance yourself from your near and dear ones, you will be a greater sufferer. Things may seem impossible due to factors not in your control, but dont lose heart, you will manage to come to grips with them. Your efforts on the academic front will get recognised. Impulse buying threatens to upset your home budget. It is time you rejuvenated your love life.
Lucky Number :  9
Lucky Color  :  Magenta
libra daily horoscope
Be more giving in matters of charity, if you can. A little push is all you need to perform at your peak on the academic front and that push is about to come. At work, your efforts are likely to get recognised, so keep up the good work. Some of you can be invited overseas for lecture or consultancy. A timely decision will save money.
Lucky Number :  18
Lucky Color  :  Red
scorpio daily horoscope
Your performance on the academic front will prove adequate in landing a suitable job. Organising something special in your official capacity is foretold, so put your best foot forward. On the financial front, the day is going to be exceptionally profitable. You succeed in infusing positivity to make everyone feel at peace. A chance to own something that you had wanted for long may soon materialise.
Lucky Number :  1
Lucky Color  :  Light Brown
sagittarius daily horoscope
It is best to set the pace for others to follow, if you want work to be completed in time. Take a hard look at what is happening in your relationship and act accordingly. Good time management will give you the breather on the academic front. Those secretly in love on the sly can expect an enjoyable outing. Starting an exercise routine is likely to bear fruit.
Lucky Number :  8
Lucky Color  :  Light Blue
capricorn daily horoscope
Gaining a foothold in something you earnestly desire is foretold. Your romantic feelings may get reciprocated by the one you love and make you happy. Neglecting to do something important on the home front can make you face the ire of a family member. Learning additional skills is on the cards and will help in adding to your prestige. Your initiative at workplace will be appreciated.
Lucky Number :  4
Lucky Color  :  Violet
aquarius daily horoscope
Finding faults with others does not augur well for you, so desist from this practice. It is time you turned over a new leaf and leave bad habits behind. Dont complaint against someone you dont like, as the tables can be turned on you. Cutting corners in a given task will help you save substantially at work. A positive reply to a wedding proposal is likely to bring happiness.
Lucky Number :  17
Lucky Color  :  Navy Blue
pisces daily horoscope
Well begun is half done, remember that. Dont be in any hurry to bring about changes, especially on the home front. It will be in your interest to keep negative thoughts at bay and look at everything in a positive light. Feeling of neglect or being unloved may soon disappear, as you get included in something exciting on the social front. You will be on the road to success.