Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Saturday, July 4, 2015
Lucky Number :  2
Lucky Color  :  Orange
aries daily horoscope
You will get the chance to know someone by and by, so don’t form an instant opinion. On the academic front, someone close to you will give you strength and direction. It is best to postpone an important decision at work as stars don’t seem favourable. Family life looks most satisfying, as spouse is all out to cater to your moods! Stars foretell stability on the financial front.
Lucky Number :  5
Lucky Color  :  Aqua Green
taurus daily horoscope
It is easy to take important things in your stride with your present mindset, but get serious before you come to grief. Getting the better of your rivals targeting you at work may need some meticulous planning and you will measure up to it! Chances of friends or relations coming and staying over cannot be ruled out today. A new acquisition is on the cards.
Lucky Number :  2
Lucky Color  :  Peach
gemini daily horoscope
You will do your utmost to maintain cordial relations with people who seem to be going against your wishes. It will be in your interest to steer clear of petty rivalries at work. Profitable deals come your way and gets the cash register ringing. A friend or relative may touch your sensitive nerve and get you all upset. Those suffering from bodily ailments can hope for a quick recovery.
Lucky Number :  17
Lucky Color  :  Navy Blue
cancer daily horoscope
Something you are supporting is fraught with risks, so review your decision. Your responsibilities both at work an in the domestic sphere are likely to increase, but you will manage them well. A difference of opinion may lead to misunderstanding with lover. Those appearing for an exam or competition will give it their best shot. A leisure trip is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable.
Lucky Number :  2
Lucky Color  :  Orange
leo daily horoscope
Lamenting about someone not toeing your line will only expose your high-handedness, so desist from it. Work towards mending fences with those you have offended. Repayment of a loan assumes importance and may affect the quality of your life. A lot of compromising is needed to make a place in partner’s heart, so don’t get disheartened. Continue with your fitness routine. Monetary gains are indicated.
Lucky Number :  6
Lucky Color  :  Light Green
virgo daily horoscope
There is no point in remaining spineless; know where your interest lies and learn to take a stand. Today, you may be in the mood for a fun outing with family and friends, so plan out something nice. There is a likelihood of shifting to a new house or a new city. A friend’s support will be a big boost for those preparing for a competition or project.
Lucky Number :  7
Lucky Color  :  Grey
libra daily horoscope
A suitable match may be found for someone eligible in the family. Sometimes it is prudent to leave things unsaid in a relationship, instead of taking the matter to its conclusion; think about it. It is in your interest to tie up the loose ends at work to proceed unhindered. It is time to showcase your talents on the academic front by active participation in extra-curricular activities.
Lucky Number :  15
Lucky Color  :  Red
scorpio daily horoscope
Efforts will be required to bring the opposite party to the negotiating table on the business front. Taking positive steps in a situation will set things right, even if they are presently going wrong. Higher studies may beckon some, but cost may become a deterrent factor. Domestic harmony is assured for those wanting to spend time by themselves at home. A short vacation will strengthen your relationship.
Lucky Number :  22
Lucky Color  :  Turquoise
sagittarius daily horoscope
Your prospects are likely to brighten on the professional front. A lot of hard work is foreseen for those trying to make their mark on the academic front. Your expenditure may be much more than what you manage to earn in a month, so keep a close tab on spending. Take an advice with a pinch of salt, as it may lead you up the wrong path.
Lucky Number :  11
Lucky Color  :  Pink
capricorn daily horoscope
Put things in the correct perspective before judging a matter at work. Someone you don’t exactly like may try to dictate terms, so nip this in the bud. A family vacation is on the cards and will provide a welcome change. Those needing loan will get it at the most nominal interest. Time is ripe to pop the question to the one you intend to marry.
Lucky Number :  1
Lucky Color  :  Baby Pink
aquarius daily horoscope
Spending time with your near and dear ones is indicated. A stand you have taken can put you in acute discomfort, but you seem undeterred! Your compassionate nature may be taken advantage of, but that does not mean you change your nature. A competitive situation on the academic front may soon find you in your element. Your foresight is likely to see your assets and wealth increase manifold.
Lucky Number :  8
Lucky Color  :  Green
pisces daily horoscope
It is time to right the wrong done to somebody. At work, be careful as incorrect inputs may make you take wrong decisions. Self-motivation is the need of the hour on the academic front to beat the competition. It is important to make concerted efforts to save money. Give space to spouse or a family member who seem uncharacteristically quiet. A golden opportunity to travel overseas may materialise.