Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Lucky Number :  6
Lucky Color  :  Crimson
aries daily horoscope
Pressing home the advantage may give you a fleeting victory, but lifelong enemies. Your good work gets recognised by the right people, so expect a promotion or reward. Domestic front brightens up with the arrival of a relative from out of town or abroad. A strong romantic yearning may make you do the impossible, but it will be an important step in reaching your quest!
Lucky Number :  1
Lucky Color  :  Magenta
taurus daily horoscope
Spending time with someone you like is indicated today. You will do well to go back to the academic grind, as time is ticking away. Taking up pending issues at work is important. A senior you are not in good terms with is likely to soften his or her stance towards you. Loan you have applied for may be sanctioned soon. Family will remain attentive to your needs.
Lucky Number :  9
Lucky Color  :  Saffron
gemini daily horoscope
Going by what others say may keep you in a confused state; learn to be decisive and defend your actions. Maintain contact with those who can help you out on the academic front. You will do well not to get involved in someones private affairs. Partner may get cross with you today for not doing his or her bidding. Sprinkle some romance in your relationship.
Lucky Number :  3
Lucky Color  :  Rosy Brown
cancer daily horoscope
Care for others and others will care for you’ is a fact that has missed you; your selfish attitude will have no takers. Getting the credit for contributing to the organisation is likely to boost your career prospects. A lucky break may bring you into contact with someone influential. It will be in your interest not to interfere in someone personal life. Make your love life happening.
Lucky Number :  3
Lucky Color  :  Turquoise
leo daily horoscope
Finding faults with people is a habit that needs to be thrown out of your system or it may cause resentment. You will manage to seize a good professional opportunity and profit. Financially, you remain on a safe wicket. A current situation on the academic front will ultimately shape up in your favour. Romantic overtures that you are getting will be hard to resist!
Lucky Number :  4
Lucky Color  :  Sky Blue
virgo daily horoscope
You will do well to play safe in a family situation that shows signs of turning ugly. Good intentions have a tendency of getting misconstrued, so be as clear as possible in an official matter. It is time you got busy working out your future strategy on the academic front. Today, meeting new people is on the cards. Financial gains appear on the horizon.
Lucky Number :  11
Lucky Color  :  Orange
libra daily horoscope
Dont spare any efforts to push people to support you. Chances of getting misguided by someone with vested interests looks real at work, so be careful. You may need to spend extra time to resolve someone’s personal problem. Someone close will be appreciative of your contribution to a social cause. You have the money, but you will need to be judicious in spending it.
Lucky Number :  5
Lucky Color  :  Parrot Green
scorpio daily horoscope
Someone is likely to put you on the back foot on the professional front, so try and pre-empt his or her move. It is best not to poke your nose in someone else’s business; he or she may not take kindly to it. Marketing personnel are in for much travelling today. Chance encounter of someone from the opposite camp is likely to brighten your day.
Lucky Number :  2
Lucky Color  :  Indigo
sagittarius daily horoscope
You will do well not to succumb to bad habits, as reaching the point of no return is possible. Those in business may soon have a reason to rejoice. Good earning will keep your morale high and boost your self-esteem. You will need to remain sensitive to the moods of partner or a family elder. A youngster going astray may need to be grounded for some time.
Lucky Number :  7
Lucky Color  :  Cream
capricorn daily horoscope
Taking concrete steps in establishing yourself in your professional sphere is the need of the hour. You are likely to come closer to someone who makes you feel special. Becoming the favourite of senior on the academic front has its advantages; you will soon find out! Sharing and caring will make the romantic front most fulfilling. Possibility of travelling to a distant place looks real.
Lucky Number :  8
Lucky Color  :  Electric Blue
aquarius daily horoscope
It is best not to give your opinion on something that doesn’t affect you; you may unnecessarily get quoted. Be quick to get your act together on the academic front, if you want to avoid problems at a later date. Receiving arrears of pay or pension is indicated for some. Home environment remains tranquil and will allow you to relax and do your own thing.
Lucky Number :  15
Lucky Color  :  Turquoise
pisces daily horoscope
You may lag behind on the academic front, if you don’t pick up pace. Someone not supporting your cause needs to be motivated, so extend a hand of friendship to get closer. Stability at work is the need of the hour, so make efforts towards achieving the same. Consider well before giving decisions that involve money. Romantic thoughts may flood your mind and make you long for love.