Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Lucky Number :  2
Lucky Color  :  Cream
aries daily horoscope
You need to be careful at work today. Dont indulge in petty politics, as it will lead nowhere. Tackle only what is top priority today. Not remembering something told to you can put you in the partners firing line, so get your excuses ready! Your love interest may act in a way as to make you suspicious, but your suspicions will be unfounded. Academic front brightens.
Lucky Number :  9
Lucky Color  :  Peach
taurus daily horoscope
Bringing yourself and family into focus is the need of the hour, so dont waste your time with others. At work, your performance gets noticed by higher ups and gives your career a fillip. There is a fifty-fifty chance of gaining from betting or speculation. Meeting an old friend will be exciting, but you will soon realise that things are not the same as before.
Lucky Number :  6
Lucky Color  :  Royal Blue
gemini daily horoscope
Your habit of reacting to people and circumstances may keep you high strung and will be bad for health. Set your best foot forward at work today, as your performance may be judged by higher ups. Deadline to complete an academic assignment can leave you struggling today. A mixed feeling about an investment may get you into two minds, so dont do anything hasty.
Lucky Number :  8
Lucky Color  :  Dark Grey
cancer daily horoscope
Gather whatever support you can, as you will need it shortly. At work, expect plenty of spare time on your hands today, so use it constructively. A comfortable journey is foreseen for those travelling long distance. Today, you are likely to floor those around with your communication skills. An encounter with someone you admire will leave you with fond memories. Falling in love seems a distinct possibility.
Lucky Number :  7
Lucky Color  :  Pink
leo daily horoscope
Dont lie on the professional front under any circumstances, as chances of being found out look real. On the academic front, you are set to come out the winner. Your man management skills are likely to be praised by higher ups. An excellent day is foreseen, especially on the financial front when you enjoy the Midas touch! Your way with words will help improve lovers mood.
Lucky Number :  22
Lucky Color  :  Indigo
virgo daily horoscope
You will need to motivate yourself to get ahead in life; do so before you start losing respect. Socially, your popularity is set to rise. Money will not pose any problems at this juncture, but it is wise to start saving. Getting your way on the academic front will not be too difficult. Your efforts to resolve a family dispute or a misunderstanding will bear positive results.
Lucky Number :  11
Lucky Color  :  Light Grey
libra daily horoscope
You will get to the truth by seeing a situation from a different angle. Civil servants may get transferred to their parent cadre. A family get together may get you totally involved. Your endeavour to get close to the one you love will be a total success, provided you play your cards well. Dont bank too much on someone on the academic front to avoid disappointments.
Lucky Number :  15
Lucky Color  :  Green
scorpio daily horoscope
If you make the same mistake again and again, you may become a marked man. Use your gift of the gab to impress those who matter. Money will not be a problem, as you manage to increase your earning. You may become key personnel in organising a function. Expect distinct improvement in matters that were unfavourable up till now. Possibility of a raise or promotion is indicated.
Lucky Number :  3
Lucky Color  :  Yellow
sagittarius daily horoscope
Highlight your achievements to get benefited. A decision taken today may have far reaching consequences in your personal life, so deliberate well. Marketing and business development personnel will find the day quite favourable. Your struggle on the academic front is coming to an end with a positive development. Meeting distant relations in a family get-together is indicated. You succeed in getting back in shape.
Lucky Number :  4
Lucky Color  :  Saffron
capricorn daily horoscope
Simplify whatever you are doing or you may end up wasting time. Plunging headlong into competition on the academic front is indicated. Your financial situation looks bright and is likely to keep you in an upbeat mood. Hectic life is likely to keep you busy, but entertained. Adopt a disciplined life to enjoy good health. Some official matters require your involvement, so dont dither.
Lucky Number :  1
Lucky Color  :  Peach
aquarius daily horoscope
It is best not to harp upon old wrongs done to you, as it doesnt serve any purpose. You are likely to rebound from reverses on the academic front. Good decisions taken in business will prove profitable. A visit to an out of town destination is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable. Chance meeting with someone shows all signs of blossoming into romance!
Lucky Number :  5
Lucky Color  :  All Shades of Green
pisces daily horoscope
Taken shortcuts at work just wont do, be deliberate so as not to get ticked off. Things not going your way on the academic front will get rectified. Fun seekers will manage to motivate friends for a fun trip. Good growth prospects are foreseen for those newly employed. Chartered accountants and lawyers may find the day promising. You are likely to indulge in a bit of luxury today.