Daily Forecast for all Sunsigns

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Lucky Number :  15
Lucky Color  :  Royal Blue
aries daily horoscope
Gaining an upper hand in a tussle is likely to give you a high, but dont begin the celebrations yet. Partner may seem indifferent and may appear to maintain his or her distance from you; find out why. Proficiency at work is the need of the hour, as your workload is set to increase. You will need to tackle problems faced on the academic by taking outside help.
Lucky Number :  7
Lucky Color  :  Maroon
taurus daily horoscope
Someones conspicuous show of wealth may make you envious, but little you can do about it. You need to view life from a different perspective and become less materialistic. Stepping up social interaction with others may help you gain popularity. You are likely to find a suitable match for someone eligible in the family. Those planning a vacation can expect a good package deal.
Lucky Number :  18
Lucky Color  :  Brown
gemini daily horoscope
You will need to keep your emotions in check regarding a matter, as saying anything will get misconstrued. Going all out to help out someone in a major way does not look easy, so take help from others. Your reluctance to participate in a social event may not be taken in the right spirit by others. Keep your workload in mind before you commit to others.
Lucky Number :  6
Lucky Color  :  Lemon
cancer daily horoscope
You will become the favourite of someone influential and can expect to take things easy at work. It is best not to keep high expectations from anyone, as you may end up hurt. Financially, you will manage to earn well and make yourself comfortable. Marital front will remain blissful as you manage to strengthen your loving bonds. Visiting some other city on a trip is on the cards.
Lucky Number :  18
Lucky Color  :  Magenta
leo daily horoscope
Gearing up for something major is on the cards. An initiative taken by you is likely to give you good returns. Your popularity on the social front is assured and you may be praised for your helpful nature. This is your lucky day on the academic front. Tasks that seemed difficult a while ago will become manageable. Today, there is a likelihood of meeting a childhood friend.
Lucky Number :  18
Lucky Color  :  Yellow
virgo daily horoscope
Exercise full control in whatever you are getting done, as you can be led up the garden path. A task allotted to you at work may need total involvement, so remain focussed. You will succeed in your attempts to normalise relations with the one you have fallen apart. Financial problems may need to be sorted out on priority. A loan applied for may get sanctioned.
Lucky Number :  17
Lucky Color  :  Violet
libra daily horoscope
Your insistence on something stupid will get a befitting response, so take care. A misunderstanding at work can cause a lot of confusion and can even show you in bad light. Confrontation with a family elder threatens to lead to ill will. Something that was keeping you mentally tensed is likely to disappear. You are likely to find the company of the one you love most fulfilling.
Lucky Number :  22
Lucky Color  :  Sky Blue
scorpio daily horoscope
You will not leave any stone unturned in reaching your goal. In a business deal, try to negotiate as much as you can in a deal to save money. You will need to find time to sort out all pending issues at work. Someone you have done a good turn to may reciprocate by extending a helping hand. Today, you may have to deal with an off-mood partner.
Lucky Number :  8
Lucky Color  :  Light Blue
sagittarius daily horoscope
Relying too much on people may not get your work done, so try and take things in your hands. You will be much more stable and composed in tackling problems on the academic front. Those who matter will be on your side for sorting out some specific issues. It is difficult to satisfy you where money is concerned, but you will find your financial front stronger than before.
Lucky Number :  5
Lucky Color  :  Bottle Green
capricorn daily horoscope
Let your heart guide you in relationships and you will not go wrong. Poor performers are likely to show marked improvement on the academic front. Managing a deadline at work may get you on tenterhooks. On the business front, be clear of what a new deal entails by reading the fine print. This is a good time to bring about some changes on the domestic front.
Lucky Number :  11
Lucky Color  :  Cream
aquarius daily horoscope
You will manage to win over your detractors by your innocence and soothing words. Things are likely to improve at work. Nurturing personal relationships will help you develop a good understanding with others. You may need to devote more time on the academic front for improvement, than you are prepared to. Those married may decide to take some concrete steps to improve their love life.
Lucky Number :  3
Lucky Color  :  Magenta
pisces daily horoscope
You are likely to get swayed by people and go against someone who is innocent. At work, certain changes may not be to your liking, but little you can do about it. Taking life at it comes will keep you stress free. There is no point in worrying about something unforeseen. Getting political mileage out of an incident may not be in your best interest.