Capricorn Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope by
Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

New horizons are waiting for you this year. There is a greater chance to accomplish new heights in academic or professional life between the months of April and June. These new turns in life will give you various moments of celebration with your near and dear ones. All your health issues that were troubling in the past will move away and you may enjoy great health throughout this year. Some of you may get good returns from your past investments. Relationship wise, you should try to bring equilibrium to your mood swings else your hot head may pull you away from the ones you love. There is a chance to travel during last quarter of this year. Some of you may even set up new house.

Lucky Months: April, May, November, December
Lucky Totka: Throw away all the animal stuff toys from your house and better to bring in the green plants that would also invite growth for you in all the spheres. .
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