Today is December 03
Today's No.: 3
Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter
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 General Traits:

Being ruled by Jupiter, you are courteous, courageous, decisive, ambitious, disciplined, and realistic. You are gifted with high imagination power, optimism, and enthusiasm. However, behaving restless and dominating may hamper your characteristics at times. You need to work on your personality to make yourself better as an individual.


You will be going through a not so very good health this year around. You might need to take proper care of your health by frequently visiting your doctor for medical checkups. You need to adhere to the medications prescribed by the doctors for your betterment.


You may be able to improve your financial conditions by find an extra source of income. You may go for new short term investments. You will be able to obtain luxury and happiness by spending money.


Your confidence will convert you into a winner. You will be capable enough to overcome any challenge you need to face. The chances of your promotion and transfer are high due to the organizational change.


You may get engaged to your love this year. You will enjoy a great marital life with your beloved. You will find your partner supportive enough in every situation. You should try and maintain a better relationship with your partner to enjoy a better family life.

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