Today is July 31
Today's No.: 4
Number 4 is ruled by Uranus
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 General Traits:

Being number 4, you are a person who likes to take responsibility and do your work with full dedication and honesty. You are a very down to earth person with religious beliefs. This year you might plan to go for a pilgrimage. Sometimes you become bossy, jealous or stubborn, which you should avoid to lead a happy life with smiling people around you.


Health of a person depends on one's thinking. Remember that one's thinking has reflection on one's body. If we think positively we will enjoy a sound health, whereas negative thinking will only put adverse affects on our body.


The coming year, will be financially good for most of you. With your will power and practical attitude, you will be able to make the most of the opportunities which come your way, giving you monetary gains.


Realistic and with a very practical approach towards life, most of you are successful in your professional front. The coming year, will see you achieve new heights of excellence, in whatever new project you take in hand.


This year don't allow your personal problems creep into your romantic affair. Always remember that love is a given expression between two partners. So just enjoy each other's company. If you are already married, then take some time out from your busy schedule to be with your soul mate.

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