Today is October 07
Today's No.: 7
Number 7 is ruled by Neptune
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 General Traits:

Being number 7, you are an intelligent, independent and kind hearted person. You know how to play with words. Using your this quality you will easily impress people around you. Your supportive nature makes you famous in your group. You love to be a leader in a group and can easily sense positive and negative energies coming from the people around you. This year you might go for a foriegn trip, which would be both pleasureable and rewarding.


This year positive attitude and a preventive care would bring immense relief from your ailments. You might have some teeth problem, but otherwise you will be enjoying a healthy life.


This year travel will be an important part of your life. Most of you are likely to travel to distant lands for business purpose or office work. There is also a possibility of developing business ties abroad, which will fetch good financial returns.


You will be able to handle difficult situations with ease and authority. You will be able to express your views with clarity, whenever required. But, you tend to become a little stubborn at times, and try to impose your ideas on your colleagues and friends.


Romantic life could face a testing time this year, when it will be publically known to everyone. However, Don't get disheartened /discouraged, as you will have to cement your love bond, so that you can enjoy your love to the fullest.

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