Today is July 28
Today's No.: 1
Number 1 is ruled by Sun
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 General Traits:

Due to the positive effects of your ruling planet Sun, you will have the characteristics of a good human being. By nature, you are accountable, unique, courageous, committed, competitive, coordinated and intelligent. You should work on your negative personality traits such as selfishness, dependency and pessimism.


You need to take an appropriate care of your health. You may fall sick in the middle months of the year though those will not be serious. If you are a sportsperson, you need to be very careful for your diet and nutrition to perform better in your sporting events.


You may get benefits from your investments later this year. This year seems to be an ideal one to start investing in business, land or gold. Your efforts to earn money may pay off this time. You may go for new partnerships. However, you should verify the financial background of your partner for your financial security.


You may have to take few major decisions in your profession. You can succeed if you put some extra effort in your work and deliver quality. You have to drive the team to put qualitative effort.


If you are yet to be in a committed relationship, you may get into one this year. If you are already committed, then you may plan for marriage towards the end of the year.

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