Today is October 23
Today's No.: 5
Number 5 is ruled by Mercury
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 General Traits:

Your ruling planet Mercury makes you realistic, reliable, sincere, and optimistic. You are the master of an excellent memory power and charismatic characteristics. You need not get nervous at tough time as it may create a question mark on your capabilities.


Your health will remain good throughout the year. You need to take utmost care of your health to maintain it and remain fit. The health of your family members might be a concern for you this year. Try and avoid your bad habits and start practicing yoga for the betterment of your health.


You may get benefits from your investments later this year. This year seems to be an ideal one to start investing in business, land or gold. Your efforts to earn money may pay off this time. You may go for new partnerships. However, you should verify the financial background of your partner for your financial security.


If you are a working professional, you may face various profession related problems this year. You need to handle all the issues diplomatically else you may lose your job. You may create wonder in the creativity field if you are a writer, singer or actor.


You will find your partner to be a huge emotional support for you during the tough times of your life. You may get involved in a matrimonial alliance.

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